My Guide to Black Friday



If you remember my tale of Missoni Madness, you know I’m a girl who can get excited about a shopping frenzy. While I don’t plan to brave the Black Friday crowds this year (not exactly baby-friendly), I’m no stranger to online shopping (shhhhh). The good news for Black Friday slackers like me is more and more Black Friday deals are available online – sometimes it’s even cheaper to stay at home.

With that, here’s my guide for all you intrepid shoppers who are planning to shop in store as well as those of you, who, like me, plan to shop from the couch…if you’re really ambitious, you can do a combo of both!

What to Buy

  1. Kitchen Gear – get great deals on cookware sets like pots and pans, particularly with retailers like, Wal-Mart, and Target. Also, look for great deals on lesser-used kitchen gadgets like fondue pots or waffle irons.
  2. Furniture – especially home desks, futons, and five-piece kitchen sets.
  3. DVDs – especially video games or movies on Blu-Ray.
  4. Selected Electronics – Nook Touch ($79 at Best Buy), Acer Iconia Tablet with 8GB Memory ($189.99 at Best Buy), Dyson DC33 Vacuum ($298 at Home Depot).


What NOT to Buy

  1. Jewelry–this is the peak time of year for buying that “something special.” It’s best to avoid this category all together, because you are most likely getting ripped off since these items are in high demand.
  2. Toys–they get marked down more when you wait until two weeks before Christmas.
  3. Watches–see jewelry. Better to shop for these items in the spring and summer.
  4. Winter clothing–winter apparel markdowns peak in January.
  5. Christmas Decorations–save this for Cyber Monday.
  6. Top-brand TVs–these are resistant to big organized sales like Black Friday.


Seven Steps to a Successful Black Friday

  1. Set a budget.
  2. Decide what kind of items you plan to buy.
  3. Now that you have an idea of what you want, make a specific list.
  4. Use sites like,, to research sales and get discount codes and coupons.
  5. If you do plan to brave the crowds, take a buddy! You’ll need someone to help you avoid impulse buying and to provide second opinions.
  6. If you’re shopping in store, pay with cash so you don’t go over budget.
  7. While in store, use your phone to price compare while you shop.


Black Friday at InvenTORI!

If you live in the Los Angeles area, stop by InvenTORI for some hot cocoa and holiday shopping. We’re kicking off the holiday season with our first Day After Thanksgiving Sale! Here’s how it works: doors open early at 9AM. The first eight purchasing customers will receive a limited edition chic houndstooth ornament designed by yours truly.

All shoppers will enjoy discounts of 10-40% off entire purchase with InvenTORI’s Santa’s Grab Bag drawing. Shop antique furniture from my personal collection and home, and take 15% off all furniture for one day only.

Happy shopping! What are you planning to do for Black Friday? Share your shopping tips in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Zaraillustrates

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  • Sarah Beckman

    These tips are good, except I’m just staying home and avoiding the maddness :) I think deals on electronics are the ones to to all out for, if you’re into fighting the crowds.


    PS — check out my Thnksgiving outfit!

  • Betsy Dunn

    Thanks for the advice about the discount code sides – definitely going to be using them!

  • Jeanne Tutt

    Great tips! One tip I have given what happened this year? find other plans for your kids if you are planning to brave the crowds. You can be all chummy with the people around you for hours on end… but it takes just -1- person to turn it into a mob.

    I waited outside the florida courthouse on June 10 for the Casey Anthony trial to get a seat and check it out in person since we were down there. I waited 4 hours before the line was able to move from public property to courthouse property (not much of a difference but it counts).

    The first 15 or so of us had been there for at least 2 hours together and had made pacts etc. that we wouldn’t let it get outta hands etc. Security came around at 5:15 to the hundreds in line to reiterate behaving etc. He’d stop every few people etc. He then left. At 5:30 the line was allowed to move since that is when it was posted to be started. (mind you security told us where to line up prior to that) Someone came up at 5:25 am claiming she would be first because the line didn’t start til 5:30 etc. At 5:35 after trying to talk some sense in the woman and no security around we moved to go to where we really line up.

    This lady angled in to cut the line so we picked up our pace slightly. I was wearing flip flops and someone stepped on the back of one tripping me. All hell broke loose after I fell. It was scary, not fun, and I will NEVER go where there will be even slightly a crowd no matter how controlled they look. I ended up leaving by ambulance instead of listening to Dr. G medical examiner testify. (although the firemen and rescue guys were cute!)

    People that take kids ought to be ashamed and fined. that crowd could turn and if the kid is in a stroller and it flips, that could be a death sentence. Think about all this!

    I’m trying to start a movement to get thanksgiving’s true meaning back and put black friday back to 5 am.