Sometimes it’s difficult for mamas to come up with exciting new activities to do with the family over a long holiday like Thanksgiving weekend. You can only watch so many Christmas movies before the kids start bouncing off the walls. If you’re feeling a little stumped on how to turn up the family fun and keep the pre-teens entertained, take a visit to The Possibility Shop, brought to you by the creative minds at Disney and Jim Henson.

The Possibility Shop is a charming video series designed to inspire kids’ imaginations and provide creative inspiration for the whole family. Anything’s possible in The Possibility Shop, so you’re sure to find something everyone will love doing together when the usual just gets boring.

Check out the video below of just one of the fun ideas created at The Possibility Shop. When it’s too cold outside to pitch a tent, bring the great outdoors indoors with a Slumber Party Camp-In!

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As you can see from the video, there are all kinds of creative ways to enjoy family time. Indoor camping and shadow puppet theater is just the beginning.

Want even more Disney family fun ideas for home? The Possibility Shop is stocked full of fantastic ones! Head on over to check out other great episodes, or browse the detailed activity guides. They have plenty of craft projects, including a fun Thanksgiving activity creating table talkers that all of your guests will be talking about.

The Possibility Shop is always open, so stop by anytime. You can take the kids along, or bring back some ideas to keep them happy during their time off from school. After you see their restlessness fade away, you’re sure to be a frequent visitor.

What fun activities do you think you’ll try this Thanksgiving weekend?

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