Thank you so much to everyone who watched the season premiere of “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood! We had a blast hosting an online viewing party from our living room and answering questions from our fans.

We had The Guncles and Simone over:

And Uncle Mehran:
I made my baked Brie. This time with a fig and jalapeño jam and chopped roasted pepitas topped with cranberries:
Served with a nice Pinot Noir…
…and filet mignon wrapped in bacon with a ginger teriyaki dipping sauce:

Now let’s get into the episode! We kick off with the birth of Simone. Last season we ended hearing that the Guncles had been talking to a birth mom. When we open the show, I get a call from new Daddy Bill telling us it’s official…baby Simone has been born. I was a nervous wreck that night, anxiously awaiting my niece! If anyone deserved to become parents it’s Bill and Scout. They are amazing people and great uncles to my kids. I knew they’d rock as Daddies!

When they got home with Simone, Dean and I were blown away that they asked us to be her Godparents. What an amazing honor. So naturally, I had to throw her a fabulously chic, all pink shower. Because we only have an hour show, we weren’t able to show a lot of Simone’s shower that I called Simply Simone! Complete with fuchsia dahlias, milk glass, sippy DIY champagne bar, Simply Simone lounge, dessert table, and paint-an-owl tile station for Simone (which we turned into a table). A few of the pictures will be featured in my party-planning book CelebraTORI which comes out in April.

“Several months later,” we cut to another baby being born… InvenTORI! Did you cringe when you saw our garage? Something had to be done, and I had really fabulous antiques! I was so excited when we found the perfect location for our store in Sherman Oaks on Ventura. I had a vision! I wanted people to feel like they were at home with us as they navigated through our store. A really cozy, yet chic environment. Customers could experience everything from living room, library, dining room, kitchen, kids’ rooms, bath, closet, pets, and garden. We really wanted to open on a holiday to make a big splash, so we settled on Valentine’s Day. Which in theory was awesome, but time-wise, a crunch! But, that seems to be a pattern in our lives, so we went full force ahead. Dean totally saved the day and got the store ready in time. He’s so handy! We opened, and it was a huge success. Thanks to our amazing customers, our store continues to do great! InvenTORI is such a passion of mine.

The third baby news came as a huge surprise! We weren’t planning on having a third baby at that very moment, but we knew we wanted one! So, I was beyond surprised, but so excited. But, Dean was even more surprised than me. I cry every time I watch the scene of him opening the pee test. What an amazing gift to be able to give your husband. The gift of life. He says he thought it was a pen! As if I’d give him a pen. He knows I’m too creative for that. So, in that one moment, our journey began together. We were so excited to share the experience with our viewers aka all our friends!

So stay tuned! It’s an amazing season – jam-packed with lots of laughs (wait ââ�¬Ë�till we tell the kids the news!) and tears (Dean takes me back to the Christmas tree farm where he proposed. Where our journey began).


Here I am with Hattie, who wore her first cocktail dress and had her debut on LIVE TV as Oxygen did a live feed from our house.

Stella loved watching the show and seeing Liam and herself.

Our new rescue Mitzi got in on the premiere.

Daddy snuggles Hattie Cat after the show.


Uncle Mehran laughs at a very pooped Liam. He partied too hard!

Hope you enjoyed our premiere – I’ll be recapping the show every week. Happy viewing!

Did you like our premiere episode? What were your favorite moments? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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