Today is a big day in the McDermott household. Hattie Margaret, who the kids have nicknamed Hattie Cat, is one month old!

I can’t believe how fast this month of mommy bliss has gone by. She’s truly an amazing little lady and a blessed addition to our family.

tFpSFRo5x8DYp0PR88OE4vRA.jpeg:Amazon:photo10 things about Hattie…

1. Has the most perfectly round head
2. Looks like the perfect blend of Liam and Stella
3. When she sleeps she makes the cutest purring sounds
4. She’s ravenous! Always hungry
5. So alert for a newborn. Eyes follow every sound she hears
6. Already holding her neck up. Very strong lady!
7. Loves kisses from her big bro and sis, which they give her all day long
8. Already rules the roost
9. Super pooper!
10. Was made out of pure love!

Hattie makes her magazine debut exclusively in Us Weekly on newsstands now. Check out our family photos from my amazing friend @kissthegroom Elizabeth Messina.

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