Bring it Back: Jell-O Molds

Welcome to my new “Bring it Back” series where I discuss my favorite vintage items that are due for a comeback! Kicking it off is Jell-O molds, the 50s classic that can be used decoratively or to make a delish dessert.

From pudding cups to Jell-O shots, we’ve all enjoyed this classic dessert at some stage of life. Now commonly packed into kids’ lunches, Jell-O was once a high art. Why? Because of the molds that took Jell-O from salad bowl to centerpiece. From 1930 through the 1950s, Jell-O molds were an essential kitchen implement for hostesses across America.

Now it’s time to bring them back! Etsy has a great selection of vintage Jell-O molds, from brass to copper and tin. They come in all shapes and sizes, from mini fluted rounds (love!) to hearts (Valentine’s Day), rabbits (Easter), fish (Friday dinner, if you’re Catholic), bells (Christmas), and lots more.

If you love antiques, you can collect Jell-O molds for display only, or you can use them to serve desserts. Molds are great for making Jell-O with layered colors, creamy layers, and fruit folded in. And once out of the mold, Jell-O makes a great focal point for a dessert table.

Here are a few fun ideas you can try with Jell-O molds:

Just for grown-ups Mojito Jell-O

Soap made in Jell-O molds

Mini Kiwi Treats

Assorted Jello-O Gift Box

For inspiration, check out these award-winning creations from last year’s Jell-O Mold Competition.

Do you have a Jell-O mold? How have you used it?

Photo Credits: Jell-O Mold Mistress;;; Jelloquest; JelloMoldMistress;; MyJelloAmericans; Penguindelight;

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  • Sarah Beckman

    Mmmm, I love jello and it’s been way too long since I’ve had it! The Jello gift box is darling!


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  • Stacie Grissom

    I do not have a Jello mold but I love the vintage look of all these! They are so colorful and cute! :)

    DIY Glitter accent purse < -- My DIY blog :)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    I have one that I got for free last year to do a cute mold for the superbowl. you fill certain parts to make the footballs, and then you fill the entire thing to make the football field etc.

  • Sherry Shepherd

    I have the tupperware jello mold. It is great for making a sandwich ring. You just layer bread, meat, cheese, over and over until you have used a loaf of bread. Make sure you start and end with bread. I use ham, turkey, american cheese on half and pepperjack cheese on half. You really have to pack it tight so it will stay together. We slice ours and dip in honey mustard. Yummy and the kids love it!!

  • Mama J Joseph


    Love these…I have some vintage ones from Sweden. I buy them at flea markets, online. I sell them in my shop but have kept some for myself. I also make things from them…this year my small ones will hang on a 3 ft tree in the kitchen.

  • Angie Grimes

    Over the years I’ve noticed….you LOVE the Jell-O mold!! :) I have a cute one shaped like the US with all the states, etc. Need to dig it out, it’s newer and plastic. But, I love all this vintage, so I’ll be keeping my eye out while thifting. Cute post!! XOXO

  • Pauline ER

    Those molds are so cute! The usual thing (at least here in Norway) is to just pot it in a bowl, chill it and serve. You’re teaching me so much new Tori! Just love that I found your webpage!

    xoxo Pauline

  • Bettina Wellmaker

    I love each one! Gonna have to try the soap molds and the mojito mold. I’m pretty sure I have a couple of jello molds around here somewhere!

  • J Hough

    My mom has the Tupperware Jell-O ring mold as well. Jello salad makes an appearance every Thanksgiving. Mom typically uses orange Jell-O mix and sprinkles shredded carrots over top. I have to say I was never a fan, but as I’ve aged, it’s become more appealing…

  • susan murphy

    Freeze Jello ring mold with fruit and float in punch bowl! xx

  • susan murphy

    PS. Beautiful job as always! xx

  • Cheri Iadevaia

    I purchased a bag of cookie cutters and Jello molds, last summer from the flea market here in Ventura. Best $2.99 I ever spent! I use those Jello molds like there’s no tomorrow! Thanks for reassuring me~that this is “cool” 😉

  • weezyree

    I use mine every Thanksgiving and Christmas to make ice centerpieces. I use ‘Fall’ themed items I find in the neighborhood like colored leaves, acorns, small snippets of pine branches with some ribbon to freeze in distilled water in the container. After putting it in the freezer at least two days beforehand, float tea lites on the top. Pop out just before serving the meal and light the candles. Place it on a platter with a folded towel under to catch the water. Place more leaves, ribbon or berries around the base to hide the towel!! This can work for any occassion. Baby showers-baby items in the ice/Birthdays-kazoos, plastic candy and ribbons/Easter-colored plastic eggs, plastic candy, etc….it’s a ton of fun and always the talk of the table!!!

  • Lenore Cooley

    My husband’s name is Scott, so in his honor (he loves lime Jell-O!) I purchased a Scottie Dog candy mold that I have used to make Jell-O. The Jell-O Scotties are so adorable!

  • Patricia Harvey

    Hi Tori,

    I have a jello mold recipe that is great for the kids to help with. It is so easy and tastes so yummy. Any flavor jello can be used. You have to do the first part but the rest is up to the kids. Spray the mold with a little pan spray for easy release. Disslove a large box of jello in the hot water as per the directions, now the kids part, add vanilla ice cream, (in place of cold the water), until completely melted. Pour it into the mold, refrigerate till set. When set it will appear to have three layers. You can also add mini marshmallows to the mix before pouring into the mold. I always use strawberry jello, our favorite. This is so easy to make and the kids will love it. I hope this recipe reaches you. Have a wonderful Thankgiving with your beautiful family, I certainly will.smiley-smile.gif

  • JenK

    I love to wear my grandma’s 50’s aprons to cook/craft in! :)