Welcome to my new “Bring it Back” series where I discuss my favorite vintage items that are due for a comeback! Kicking it off is Jell-O molds, the 50s classic that can be used decoratively or to make a delish dessert.

From pudding cups to Jell-O shots, we’ve all enjoyed this classic dessert at some stage of life. Now commonly packed into kids’ lunches, Jell-O was once a high art. Why? Because of the molds that took Jell-O from salad bowl to centerpiece. From 1930 through the 1950s, Jell-O molds were an essential kitchen implement for hostesses across America.

Now it’s time to bring them back! Etsy has a great selection of vintage Jell-O molds, from brass to copper and tin. They come in all shapes and sizes, from mini fluted rounds (love!) to hearts (Valentine’s Day), rabbits (Easter), fish (Friday dinner, if you’re Catholic), bells (Christmas), and lots more.

If you love antiques, you can collect Jell-O molds for display only, or you can use them to serve desserts. Molds are great for making Jell-O with layered colors, creamy layers, and fruit folded in. And once out of the mold, Jell-O makes a great focal point for a dessert table.

Here are a few fun ideas you can try with Jell-O molds:

Just for grown-ups Mojito Jell-O

Soap made in Jell-O molds

Mini Kiwi Treats

Assorted Jello-O Gift Box

For inspiration, check out these award-winning creations from last year’s Jell-O Mold Competition.

Do you have a Jell-O mold? How have you used it?

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