In episode five of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” we got introduced to another new housewife friend… Dana Wilkey. And, if you think Brandi made a dramatic entrance into Beverly Hills on crutches, Dana goes one step further and enters housewife world with a tiara, beaded gown (in the middle of the day), and boobs galore. But, I like her! She’s wacky and funny and brings out some lightness and smiles in our housewives. Kinda fascinated by her 18-month-old whom she claims can read, speaks Thai, and practices Pilates. Wonder if he’s available for our kids’ next birthday party. Clowns are so passé.

Cut to a scene I personally found hilarious between Adrienne and Paul as he bitches about her dog “leaving presents” in his closet. I can relate, cause our dog Minnie loves to crap in our closet, and always on Dean’s side. He gets so mad and I find it kinda funny. So, I liked how Adrienne found humor in Jackpot’s poop. Hey, poop’s funny Paul, so lighten up! (you reading this Dean?)

I liked the honest lunch Taylor then had with Brandi. It was nice seeing two women in Beverly Hills connecting instead of cutting each other down. Brandi, however, seemed cynical about Taylor finding her happy ending, since her own marriage ended in divorce.

Later, at Villa Blanca, Lisa and Kyle had a double date dinner with their hubbies. Kyle got all high school describing Dana to Lisa. Mauricio and Ken jumped right in on dishing about the new housewife. Boys calm down!

Now, let’s get to the exciting part of this episode… Adrienne’s backyard bash. Adrienne rented a bouncy house for the kids who were all supervised by security guards while the housewives minus Lisa and Kim (who felt uncomfortable coming without kids. Huh? Maybe her hair was wet again) sat and dished about sex! Brandi might have constantly put her good foot in her mouth, but she brings out some fun fire in the ladies! She and Dana both. Hilarious watching them all say the various names they all call the male member! What’s your favorite name for it? Our family prefers weiner.

Then Brandi out of nowhere said that all the ladies think she’s a super slut. What? Who said that? There must have been a more natural way to bring the conversation back to herself. But, now that she’s put the idea into all of our heads… And, then she implied that Dana’s fiancé cheats on her while away. It was kinda fun and games until that comment. Brandi says she’s just “Balls to the Wall,” and the ladies had no problem blatantly rolling their eyes at her. Brandi did apologize to Dana and then said, “You’ll all get over what I say.” What’s she setting them up for? More Brandi-isms to come? Do you find the comments Brandi says way out of line? Would you let a friend make comments like that?

And, I can’t ignore the highlight of the episode… Dana’s 25K sunglasses. Amazingly obnoxious, and I couldn’t believe how she so excitedly kept telling everyone how much they cost and why. Only in Beverly Hills…

I’m excited to see more of the new housewives and game night next week! Brandi vs. Kim looks quite scandalous! Who’s your favorite housewife so far this season and who should pack up and move to Bel Air?

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