Last week when I posted my worst date story, I asked you to share yours. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff you told me! Here are some highlights:

Amber’s Dumb Jock

“It was my senior year of college and I had been single for a while when the hottest jock in school starting talking me up. All of my friends were cheering me on, telling me to go for him! And why shouldn’t I? I deserved a hottie! So after a night of dancing at the bar, he texts me the next day wanting to go to a movie. Of course, I agree and spend all night getting ready when I get a text from him again. He needs me to pick him up from school. I’m a little thrown, but I give him the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone can afford a car in college! I drive to the school and pick him up and we go to the movies. It happened to be a Tuesday, which is the 2-for-1 deal night. Get this: he doesn’t pay the $5 for my ticket! After I drove there and everything! And he asked me out! Anyways, the date continues. He sees his friends, talks to them and ignores me. We get in the theater and he comments on how thin my tights are, and says would you be mad if I ripped these?’ Umm, ya! They are the only pants I’m wearing right now! This is Canada! The date finally ends and there is no goodnight kiss. He continued to text for weeks and I tried to be polite, but I kept turning him down. Finally, he said I thought we had a good time, how come ur repulsing me?’ That’s right, repulsing.’ This guy doesn’t even know what repulse means? At that point, I told him we had nothing in common and that he should move on. How could he think that was a good date anyways? Especially since I’m so repulsive! Looks fade, but stupid is forever!

Christine’s Not-So-Sexy Surprise

“I am compiling a book of my dating trials and tribulations, as one cannot make this stuff up. I met this guy through Match.com (not all it’s cracked up to be). We talked for almost 2 weeks on the phone and decided to meet for coffee on a Sunday afternoon, which went great! He had a good job and a fun sense of humor. So, he asked me out for drinks & dinner – by this time we had talked a lot and would joke with each other a bit – now, I do have a warped sense of humor, and may say things that are hilarious but can’t be taken literally. So we were having drinks before ordering dinner and having a great time talking and laughing – he made some comment about men being smarter in business or something of that nature and (mind you I’d had a Cosmo by this time), and I piped up Hold on there mister; do not make me whip out my dominatrix outfit and punish you for that statement.’ If you had seen the look on his face, one cannot describe it, but it was pure joy – he leans forward and says Oh god, I am so happy you are into that. I am an employable Sex Slave and will do anything and everything for you My Doministrix.” My jaw has dropped by this time mind you…then he takes out his registration card and shows me his bar code and tells me his pricing etc… I was speechless (which has NEVER happened) and pretty much with sheer disbelief, stood, grabbed my purse, and said Um, no I have to go…good luck to you.’ And I high tailed it out of there, hungry and freaking out, and then laughing! Grabbed good ole McDonalds and drove home… Thank god I never heard from him again!

Ashley’s Overly Nice Guy

“I had been talking to a guy that I kinda liked, was still on the fence about really, for about a week or two. He was really sweet, but seemed a bit too puppy doggish to me – called or texted everyday, maybe a little bit too much…but I thought, hey, I’ve never dated such a NICE guy so why not give it a try? So he tells me to look nice for our date – so I did – dress and heels. He arrives…in jeans….with a giant bouquet of flowers, and a gold and pearl necklace – I knew which jeweler it was from, and I knew it could NOT have been cheap – But ok, I had never been given gifts before on a first date, so I was a bit overwhelmed. So, we drive for about half an hour and show up at – Dave and Busters. YEAH. No joke. So I looked at him and said, I don’t know that I’m really dressed for this, so he, looking downtrodden, says ok, and brings me to a different restaurant. The rest of the dinner conversation ends up being a little forced – we don’t have much in common, and he kept staring at me. It was so weird….and I’ll be honest, the D&B thing really threw me off – hadn’t he told me to dress up?? So, the night ends, and he drops me off at my door. He tries to kiss me, but I actually go in for the hug (I KNOW there’s not going to be a second date), and he tells me – wait for it – I love you.’ NOPE. There’s a place, a time, and a reason to say those things to a girl, and after a bad first date is none of those 3!!!!! I was a deer in the headlights and said, Oh…Thanks…well, have a good night…’ and never returned another call or text.

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