Liam’s World: Visiting Mama at the Hospital


The day I had Hattie, Liam and Stella came to visit us in the hospital. When Liam saw me, he ran over and hugged me. He immediately looked down at my stomach, saying, “Mama do you have a hole in your belly now? You look much prettier without that big belly.

What were your kids’ reactions to new baby and post-pregger mama?

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  • Pamela Leffler

    How funny. Kids are honest! Sadly, I’ve never been post-preggers since having my son. Maybe soon I can experiance that. (Crossing my fingers)

  • victoria silva

    Love …love….the candid and honest questions and answers of small children.

    Thank you for sharng this sweet post

    Victoria Silva

  • doreen porzio

    Such an adorable statement from Liam! He is so funny! Kids are just too cute! Love all of Liam & Stella’s comments they make!….Thanks for sharing all of this with us! smiley-smile.gif

  • Becky Bain

    When I had my daughter, my son Evyn was two. When he spotted his baby sister he looked at her and refused to come anywhere near me .

  • Susan Grayson

    LOL! Liam is so funny and real cute. Your kids are bright, caring, funny, sweet and warm! I love all their statements. Please dont let them ever change.

  • Amber Wright

    My two kids crack me up my son always says when i go to the doctor he asks if there going to squeeze the baby out of my arm and he says mom your tummys getting fat!, and my Daughter always says mommy your tummy hurt your tummy hurt.

  • LauraLee

    Awww – kids really are brutally honest, aren’t they! Lol!! (Though I disagree with Liam – I think you made a BEAUTIFUL pregnant lady!!) :) My 8 year old son had my 5 year old daughter convinced that the doctor took a knife and cut the baby out of my tummy. (He has no idea what a c-section is – I think he was just trying to gross her out! Not to mention – I didn’t even have a c-section – lol!) She was completely disgusted and wouldn’t come near me after I had the baby. I have to say they were both way more fascinated w/me breastfeeding than giving birth – lol!!!

  • Angela Jewell

    When I was pregnant,during my last month,I refused to give my son a bath because I could not bend.I made him take a shower.So when he saw me in the hospital he said”Your big belly is gone!You can give me baths again!”

  • jessie101

    I haven’t had another child since my daughter, Gracie, was born but my sister had a daughter when Gracie was just a little over two years old. Gracie would just cry and run away if I held my sister’s baby. Luckily, she has gotten use to me holding other babies since my sister just had a baby boy and Gracie doesn’t get cru or run away.

  • Darren Martin

    I remember when my Mom was pregnant for my younger twin brothers (Tyler and Travis) and I went to see her at the hospital (I was 4) I told her that she looked like she had been bowling because she was all sweaty. We still get a good chuckle out of that.

  • Lemon Meringue

    What a sweetie pie!!! Childrens reactions are the best! Four years ago, just half an hour after my youngest son was born, his brother and sister (then 5 & 3) came up to our bedroom (here in The Netherlands lots of babies are born at home without any painkillers, rather DIY-ish) to meet their little brother for the first time, always a very special and emotional moment for me. My daughter was over the moon, quite literally, she just couldn’t stop jumping up and down on our bed, she really believed we gave her the ultimate realistic doll! Her older brother came up to me and said in a very serious way while pointing to our newborn: “So, this came out of your tummy?” He just sat there, watching his new brother and me, in complete silence. After a few minutes he came to me, pulled away the blanket, pulled up my t-shirt, tapping my ‘flat’ belly and said: “Oooh yeah, I see, it REALLY came out!”

  • Bonnie Horton

    Liam is just honest ! LOL My kids from 1st to 3rd were born in 3 1/2 years. They were all so little they hardly noticed the changes. I only remember my 3 year old daughter couldnt quit smiling and would sit with her arms out waiting for me to let her hold the baby.

    I know we have to wait on the tv show to introduce Hattie but isnt it killing you not to show her to us?? hehe

  • Chelerella

    Cute Liam! My son is 3 1/2 years older than his twin sisters. When he met his sisters he said “Hey, I saw them when I lived in your belly!”. He also insists there is another little boy living in there waiting to come out. He occassionally still asks when I am going to have his little brother.

  • Stephanie Frank

    When my older son Eoin at age 2 met his younger brother Ruairi he was immediately in love but since it was right after he was born and he hadn’t been bathed yet Eoins response to being asked to give him a kiss was “maybe later, he’s too dirty”

  • Jeanne Tutt

    omg! Liam is sooo cute! you actually are a beautiful pregnant woman and one most will hate because your one that has the baby one day and looks like you were nowhere near pregnant the next 😉

  • Mandra Kerns

    When I had my second child my daughter came to the hospital with my mother-in-law! The first thing she said was, “Mama, the doctor did a good job getting baby Khloe out of your belly.” Then my husband and I decided to have just one more! So needless to say, 4 months later I was expecting again- this time a boy. She then said, “Mama, are you going to have to go to that weird place again and have the doctor remove the baby?!” She loves both of her siblings so much. My husband lost his job this year and we are about to lose our house! I must admit though, little moments like those remind you that family is all that matters at the end of the day. Congrats on baby number three. I love having three kids. I also have two girls and one boy. It’s crazy but all of our kids have the same nicknames, bug, monkey, and my other little girls nickname is bear.

  • Natasha Baker

    When my then 4-year-old daughter came to the hospital to meet her twin brothers, she cried for the first 20 minutes begging the nurses and doctors to please send one back and get her a sister! She will be 9 next week and the boys will be 5. When people ask her what she wants for her birthday, she still adds “a sister” at the end of every request! Congratulations!

  • Carri Janke

    When i had my daughter, my 4 year old son was so excited.. But do to the swine flu that went around in 09 he wasnt able to visit, so the day we were coming home my husband and 2 sons were waiting in the lobby of the hospital and before we could leave i had to unstrap the baby and let him hold his lil sister in the lobby.. He would not leave until he got the chance to hold her.. It was one of the sweetest things i have ever seen. After he held her he was so happy he smiled all the way home!

  • tina valerio

    When i had my son ( he is now 4 years old like liam ) my daughter slammed the door open from my room in the hospital , came in searching (never looked at me ) and said with a loud voice : ‘‘where is my baby’‘ !!! ( she was 3,5 years old then )

    When she found him, she sat on the bed with her brother and she held him for a looooooooong time

    congratulations with your beautiful family

  • Nichole Cisse

    I realize that this board is a little old, but read some of the stories and had to share the most adorable story that I heard from my supervisor at work. My supervisor is 3 months pregnant and has a 2 1/2 year old. Her little girl asked her the other day if she was so excited for the baby boy in her shirt. It’s adorable the thoughts that go through little ones minds. This little girl is convinced that her Mom is having a baby boy. It will be interesting to see if she is right when the baby is born. :)