Is it possible to wear a turban without looking like you’re in costume? Yes, it is! In fact, Missoni’s Resort 2012 collection is all about the turban.

If you’re scared of the turban, keep in mind that it’s a versatile look with lots of options, not all of which are dramatic. For example, wearing a turban with a feminine dress and with your hair down softens the look. There are also a variety of sizes, from the big and bold, like the one Sophia Loren is wearing below, to the turban-inspired headband or scarf.

Sophia Loren

Here are a few ideas for styling turbans, plus a DIY turban headband project:


Missoni turban…love!


This is how they do turbans in Antwerp!


Poolside turban + statement necklace


A boho chic turban-style headband


More turban-ish headbands

Now that I’ve shown you some ideas for how to style a turban, here’s how to make your own turban-style headband. This project from the blog Get Craftee is a great way to dip your toe into the sea of turban-chic looks that we’ll be seeing in the coming season.

DIY Turban Headband

What You Need

  • A stretchy fabric like spandex or knits (can use an old tee shirt with a cool graphic print)
  • Sewing machine or ability to hand sew


What To Do

Cut two strips of fabric, 8″ by 24″ long. The length varies according to the size of your head, but you want the headband to be snug so it stays on. Your fabric should stretch more one way than the other – make sure it stretches the way that will help you pull the head band over your head.


Fold each strip in half lengthwise, (1/4″ seam allowance) and sew the ends together so they are half the width. You should end up with two tubes of fabric. Turn the fabric inside out. Lay the two tubes of fabric side by side.


Link the two strips and bring the open / raw edges at the ends together. Make sure your seams are showing on the outside at this point. Sew the four ends of the strips together. Turn inside out so now the seams and seam allowance are inside.


Embellish your headband with beads, a brooch, or whatever you want!

Are your ready to rock a turban or a turban-inspired look? Share your ideas for pulling off this look in the comments below!


Photo Credits: Fashionalities, TheSartorialist, 100LayerCake, ReasonstoBreathe

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