For the last holiday weekend of summer, we decided to go to The Malibu Chili Cook Off Fair – not 1 but 2 days in a row. The special part of it is as a kid, this is the same chili cook off that my parents would take my brother and me to every year. So now as a parent myself, I loved every minute of sharing the experience with my own children.




Stella striking her pose at the fairgrounds!


Liam’s favorite fair game was the balloon darts. Little man has darn good aim!


Kids showing off their winnings. Of course Stella aka Ladybug had to have the ladybug!


Smurf Invasion! I love that Smurfs were my fave when I was a kid and now they’ve made a fashionable comeback!


Stella attempting to hold a Hello Kitty whose head is bigger than her body. Guess who ended up carrying it?

That’s just a taste of day 1! To see the rest of my photos from the Malibu Chili Cook Off Fair, go to the photo album on my profile here.

Bonus: I include a recipe for a yummy fair treat with the last photo! Hint: it’s fried!! Click here to see my photos and find the recipe.

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