With 5 weeks remaining until baby #3 is due, and Daddy away on business, I decided to take the kids on a staycation to spend some mommy and babes QT together. We chose a local hotel and set off for a 2 day FamilyMoon!


Here we are arriving at the hotel and checking in!


The kids couldn’t be more excited. Liam lives for hotels! He says he wants us to live at one.


Liam said “Mama, I love hotels. All I need is a comfy bed, room service, and scary movies.” A kid after my own heart!


Stella immediately wanted to get into her arts and crafts I had packed her for the weekend.


Liam checking out the view from our room.

That’s the beginning! To see the rest of the pictures and my thoughts about our FamilyMoon, go to the photo album on my profile here!

Have you had a staycation recently?

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