Episode 3 of RHBH started back at the ranch… er chalet. And it followed last week’s emotional hot tub scene with Kyle and Taylor.

With a lot more wine consumed, altitude in play, and emotions heightened, Taylor proceeded to unload her problems to the other ladies and have what they deemed a “nervous breakdown.” I chalked it up to too much wine, which heightens fragile emotions, and the fact that she’s going through a major emotional roller coaster with her relationship. Hey, we’ve all done that in some form before. Drank too much, said too much, and acted out. Ok, maybe I never crawled into a suitcase, but I did steal a potted plant from a restaurant one time. I later returned “Ted” in one piece. Hey, it was my 20’s!

Sadly for Taylor, this moment was all caught on film. Lisa keeps saying Taylor plays the “victim.” While I understand that maybe in the past this could have been the case, I feel right now she is going through something very serious and needs everyone around her to be extra sensitive to that. Do you think Taylor overly plays the victim role?

Bravo Kim Richards for stepping up to the plate! She was so nurturing and mothering, as Kyle called it, with Taylor throughout the whole evening. Very impressive.

Meanwhile, back in Beverly Hills, the hubbies got together and had a dudes night out. Notably absent was Russell. And Giggy, of course. Who’s your favorite BH Hubby? Mine is Mauricio. I think he and Kyle have a great relationship, and he seems to genuinely care for her friends, and always has a great take on situations. Plus, he’s such a cutie, and they make beautiful babies.

Enter Portia picking up poop with Kyle. Adorable scene! I loved it for two reasons. One, because my kids love poo as well. Everything right now is poo… poo…. Poo! And also because, when I was Portia’s age, my favorite pastime was picking up backyard poop with my Dad on the weekends. The pooper-scooper got a lot of mileage from this kid, and it’s a memory I hold near and dear to my heart. Are your kids obsessed with poop too?

Moving onto Adrienne, we got to see a bit of her mogul side in this episode. Adrienne’s family owns the basketball team the Sacramento Kings, and during this episode, there were negotiations to move the team to Oakland. Well Kings fans no likey, and started making threats against the Maloofs! Loved how, going against her hubby and security, strong-willed Adrienne decided to travel anyway to watch the Kings’ final game of the season. Do you think she shouldn’t have gone? But then we hear that Kim is supposed to go with them. Never seen Adrienne and Kim hang out without the whole group, but I’ll go with it. Then Kim was a no show. Just when we think Kim has made leaps and bounds, we are privy (thank you Bravo) to a phone call where she literally seems to be talking nonsense. Mumbling an excuse about her hair. I like Kim, so I’m gonna say that a bad hair day can truly throw a girl into a spiral, but Adrienne’s hubby Paul thought the culprit was intoxication. What did you think?

We also got some real estate news in this episode. Camille decided not to sell her stunning Malibu home, although she says five acres is just too much for them. Hmmm… 5 acres in Malibu? Yeah, good decision to stay Camille! And, Lisa wants to buy the space next to their restaurant Sur and expand. Ken didn’t seem so sure of that plan. But, Lisa infers that perhaps some sexual favors will change his mind. Only in Beverly Hills! I’ve been to Sur. Part of its charm is its intimacy. Do you think they should expand?

If you thought this episode was dramatic, watch out! Brandi Glanville (Eddie Cibrian’s ex) comes on the scene next week to really stir things up! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in that!

How are you liking this season so far?

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