It’s time to talk about Season 2 / Episode 1 of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!” This episode set up a lot of drama, and I can’t wait to hear what you all thought.

Here are my feelings:

First of all, I had mixed emotions watching the first episode. As much as I love myself some housewives, I felt slightly guilty tuning into fluff TV knowing it’s just weeks after Taylor Armstrong’s estranged husband Russell tragically took his own life.

I remember a couple weeks ago it was still up in the air if Bravo would even air the season premiere as scheduled. After all, the entire season had been filmed prior to his death, and I’m sure their troubled relationship is a big focal point this season. Alas, I decided to tune in and see how Bravo would handle the sensitive nature of his suicide.

The first scene was just recently filmed between Kyle, Mauricio, Lisa, Ken, Kim, Camille, and Adrienne, and showed them discussing Russell’s suicide. It was raw, honest, and heartbreaking. I thought it was handled with delicacy and class. What did you think? Do you think Bravo should have handled another way? It’s such a horrifying situation for everyone involved. I know Taylor personally and she is just a lovely person. I only met Russell once but my heart aches most of all for little Kennedy who will have to grow up without a father. My thoughts are with their entire family during this tough time.

Then Bravo, after a moment for Russell, launched into the highly anticipated second season. I thought the actual show started off a little slowly. I wanted to be caught up to speed on the ladies’ lives, and then of course I wanted to see them all get together! Cause that’s when all the magic and big drama happens. Well, I wasn’t disappointed!

Adrienne was having a get together dinner at her house for all the ladies to celebrate Camille’s guest appearance on the TV show “$#*! My Dad Says”. First of all, I wasn’t aware that Camille was an actress or wanted to be. Were you? But who cares, cause we all know what happens when the ladies all get together for a dinner party, and that’s what counts! And, how about Adrienne’s chef? Snarkville! Or does he just love a little camera time? Maybe he’s hoping his one-liners will get him a prime spot on “Chopped”? And, what do you think of Adrienne and Paul’s new dog Jackpot? Do you think Giggy has competition, or no way? I didn’t love Jackpot’s debut pup couture, that’s for sure. Giggy wins in that department!

Talking about fashion, I’m still shocked that everyone except Kim and Lisa showed up in blue. What? And there are so many hues of blue, yet they all came in cobalt blue!?! What are the chances? Odd how Kyle and Taylor went shopping for the dinner party together and both came in exactly the same shade. Funniest part is they all barely acknowledged this.

Anyway, on to the husbands – why was Ken the only hubby that came to the party? Whatever the reason, he did add major drama-rama! He basically called Taylor weak for going to therapy with her husband. Although, I honestly don’t think he was pointing fingers. I think he was just stating his opinion on therapy in general, but it’s understandable that it hurt Taylor’s feelings. And, I’m the biggest animal lover there is, but I would never be so rude as to let my dog drink out of fine glassware at someone else’s house. Well, actually I would never even have my dog (or chicken) at the table. And, did you find it even grosser that Ken drank out of the same glass Giggy slurped out of?

This time, Camille wasn’t part of the drama at all. And, is it me, or at these notorious, drama-filled dinner parties, does Kim never say a word? They always cut to her sitting there with a “oy vey” look on her face, yet she never speaks up. Kyle, on the other hand certainly doesn’t have that problem – I think it’s admirable that she had Taylor’s back. They seem to be very good friends.

Best of all wasn’t the actual first episode, it was the promo for the entire season that followed. OMG! It looks insane! And, a couple of new housewives sprinkled in part time. Looks like Eddie Cibrian’s ex will be causing a lot of controversy! What and who are you looking forward to seeing most this season?

If you didn’t tune in on Monday, you can watch the full episode here, and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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