Sorry this blog is late posting, but between Missoni Madness and a baby that’s constantly kicking through my ribcage, I hadn’t had time to catch up on my DVR. But, last night I did, and here are my thoughts on last week’s RHBH!


Episode 2 of RHBH aka Bev Hills Ski Bunnies, took us on a wintery retreat as the ladies all went to visit Camille at her soon-to-be-sold ski chalet in Colorado. The airport and plane ride there contained most of the drama, and that’s if by drama you mean Kim’s antics. She certainly came alive. She blamed it on coffee, but wow, what a personality departure from her normal shy and reserved self. Whatever the cause, it’s nice to see her coming out of her shell and holding her own with the other ladies. She might have gotten a bit carried away on the plane with her butt punches, but what did you think of her personality switcheroo?

Finally, the ladies arrived but learned they’d have to take a detour to get to their destination in Beaver Creek. A four-hour detour in their limo. At least they had Kim to keep the convo alive! And I thought they all got along reasonably well for once. Kudos ladies! Or maybe it was just the altitude.

When the ladies arrived at Camille’s, they all quickly picked rooms, again with no fighting. The chalet was one room short, so Kim and Kyle decided to share a room. Their behavior indicated that they are trying to move past their sibling rivalries. Seems Kim’s issues with her relationship with Kyle might go a bit deeper than the two are letting on, but time will tell.

I kinda loved seeing all the housewives in their PJ’s the next a.m. Made them all super relatable to us gals. I love some super cozy girly pajamas. Side note… When Dean and I got together and were in the honeymoon phase, we vowed to sleep naked every night. So I gave away my extensive collection of cozy PJ’s. While 6 years later, I’m still madly in love with my hubby, I desperately long for my flannel turquoise poodle pajamas. I miss you so!

Loving the ladies’ outfits when they hit the slopes! But I’d expect nothing less. Lisa’s dramatic white fur ski headpiece was so very Alexis Carrington-Colby circa Dynasty 1983. Genius! While Camille, Taylor, and Kyle were very Sporty Spice and showed off some impressive ski skills. Whose ski ensemble did you like the best?

The last scene in the hot tub between Taylor and Kyle broke my heart. As catty and backstabbing as housewives can be, it’s nice to see a real, supportive friendship between two women. Sometimes these types of shows make it seem that all women do is slam each other endlessly and callously. So, I think it’s important to show the reality that we do have each other’s backs. That women can get along and be there for each other. Do you think The Housewives show portrays women’s relationships accurately or inaccurately?

In any case, I feel so deeply bad for Taylor’s situation. Especially since we all know how the story ends. Clearly when she talks to Kyle there are things she’s holding back. I assume at the time it was to protect Russell on camera. But on some level I felt like every woman could relate to Taylor. There are varying degrees of bad relationships, and I’m not minimizing just how bad her’s was, but we’ve all at some point felt stuck in a situation that we knew wasn’t right – but didn’t feel like we could get out, or were ready to get out. Do you agree? Have you been there on some level?

Looks like next week is going to get back to the bickering we’re used to seeing, but I’m glad for this week, we got to see some true bonding time between the ladies! Do you prefer to see the drama-rama bickering or the bonding chicfest?

Tell me what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to tune in tonight for what looks to be a drama-filled episode 3!


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