Episode 4 of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” picked up where we left off last week… Waiting on Kim. As Adrienne and Paul sat on the tarmac in their private plane I couldn’t help but think… Damn Kim, that’s one long blowout. Kim finally showed (her hair did look nice!), but wow she was frenetic and kept up her behavior all throughout the flight, car ride, and game. Poor Adrienne. She just wanted to watch her team play and seemed annoyed by Chatty Kimmy. It was nice however to see Adrienne’s dedication to her team and how moved she was by the fans’ loyalty. Do you think she should listen to the fans and keep the Kings In Sacramento or move them and do what’s right business-wise?

Back in Beverly Hills, Taylor dropped by to visit Kyle. She was very upset because of a gossipy article that was released talking about her marital problems with Russell. Her biggest problem with it was that it had a few too many insider details to be from what most tabloids call “a source” aka “them”. It was obviously a leak from someone in their inside circle of friends. The article also talked about Taylor’s weight loss. Kyle tried to make light of the situation and offered Taylor a bite to eat! Taylor went through the whole group and it was clear she thinks Lisa is responsible. But, we all know Taylor and Lisa are frenemies. So, it’s easy for Taylor to automatically point fingers at Lisa. Do you think one of the housewives sold Taylor down the river?

During this whole episode, Kyle is planning a charity event to raise money for children with cancer. We learn later on that Mauricio, Kyle’s husband, had cancer as a kid, so this is a very personal cause to her family. The night of the actual event, all the housewives showed up except Kim and Camille (who was in Hawaii). Just when we thought the sisters were mending fences Kim doesn’t show up to support her sis. Odd. Wonder what the real reason was? In any case, it was an amazing night, as Kyle was able to raise 15k for the charity… and it was an amazing night of TV… Brandi Glanville enter stage left!

Let’s talk Brandi! Cause that’s all everyone else was talking about all night. First impression… Damn she’s tall. Wait, was she wearing a 7 inch heel? She towered over every man and woman there. Second impression… Damn she has good balance. The woman was on crutches, one foot in a cast, and in a shoe that was the night’s hot topic. Was it a stiletto or a wedge the girls gabbed about? Technically, a wedge, Kyle. But in all fairness, I’ve never seen a wedge that high. Very misleading.

Brandi’s first sit down interview on camera, in my opinion, sets the tone of her persona. She used that interview to call her ex-husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, a big douchebag and a wannabe actor who’s just good looking. I found that to be completely classless. Ever heard of taking the higher road Ms. Glanville? Now granted, Eddie Cibrian did romance my friend in high school when we were 16, and then never spoke to her again after he got what he wanted, so perhaps “douchebag” isn’t completely out of the realm of possibilities (hey, high school waters still run deep), but there are children involved, so I just didn’t think slamming him on television was appropriate.

However, I don’t approve of how the Heathers/Housewives proceeded to mean girl out and talk sh*t about Brandi the entire evening! Ladies… You were there in the name of charity! Come on. And, they kept saying it’s because Brandi is friends with Cedric who screwed over Lisa. So what? Brandi knowing Cedric has nothing to do with Lisa. As Brandi pointed out… Her friendship with Cedric doesn’t “define me”. Valid point. Score 1-0 Brandi! But, I for one can’t wait to see what happens next between Brandi and the ladies. It’s high school all over again. Fun to watch but not to be involved in for sure! What do you think of Brandi? Too soon to tell? Or love her or hate her?

Lastly, I was really disturbed by Lisa’s attempt (or what the hell was it?) to help Taylor. She states over and over that she’s not her friend but basically wants Taylor to get her skinny ass over to her mansion asap so she can feed her? Give me a break. Stay out of it Vanderpump and focus on your husband and dog. They are the ones that need your help. Or a new stylist.

Bottom line is, I can’t wait for the next episode. The claws are out and it’s heating up in Beverly Hills. What were your thoughts? Who will be this seasons biggest villain? Team Glanville or Vanderpump?

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