“A big exhale and a belly clutch goes a long way in a crowded elevator


Recently, I posted the above pregnant thought of the day on Facebook & Twitter, and I am loving your responses!

Here are some of my faves:

From Alora: “Awesome! I loved saying Oh’ when the baby would move and people freaking out thinking I was in labor!”

From Andrea: “I’m due Nov. 16 and noticed if I just lean forward on the kitchen counter or hold my lower back at work, people start to care that I might be overworked!”

From Vanessa: “I went to NYC with my mom when I was 7 months preggo, and we were waiting in an extremely long line for a taxi, so I just sort of bent over a little and rubbed my enormous belly, and we were moved to the front of the line. Funniest part was that it wasn’t even intentional – the baby kicked me, and it hurt me enough to make me lean forward!”

Here’s one more pregnant thought I had recently:

“Feeling life move inside of you is like a constant hug. You are never alone.

All my preggo ladies! What are your pregnant thoughts? Whether they are funny or sentimental, I’d love to hear them! Share them in the comments below.

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