On the Cover of Parenting Magazine!


The October cover of Parenting magazine features me, Liam, and Stella in costume! I had so much fun at the photo shoot – we almost missed it, because we missed our first flight returning to LA from our vacation in Anguilla. Luckily, we were able to reschedule and have a fun, Halloween-themed photo shoot in the middle of summer!

Next time you’re at the supermarket, pick up the October issue of Parenting for some great Halloween ideas, from costumes to crafts and food, as well as fun pictures of me and the fam. You can also see outtakes from the photo shoot here, as well as a video interview I did with Ana Connery here. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Are you starting to think of Halloween already? What are your plans?

  • Darren Martin

    Love the old Hollywood shoot you guys did! Looking forward to picking up a copy and trying out the recipes.

    I think it’d be cool if you and Dean went as Daphne/Fred from Scobby Doo or Jessica/Roger Rabbit for Halloween!

  • victoria silva

    Love it…………….boooooooooootiful!


    Victoria Silva

  • Lisa Petker

    I am already thinking about Halloween and trying to find some good decorations to make myself! I will have to pick up the issue to see what your ideas are! Thanks for the preview!

  • Richel Newborg

    I can’t watit to get the magazine! We went to the craft store last week and got a whole bunch of Halloween wooden cut outs, some foam building kids and some assorted “cute and creepy” critters to start making our own Halloween crafts! I like to fill the house with homemade crafts that reflect where the kids are at in each stage of development. I figure that I will have a house full of memories for every Halloween here after! I posted a picture of one of the first crafts that I did when my son was a baby in my bio!

  • Toni Daughtry

    Love the Cover Tori! You look beautiful and the kiddos are so adorable! Will def. be getting a copy!! <3

  • Allicia Faber

    I’m already thinking about NEXT halloween. I’m expecting and due next spring, so we’re already planning ahead for baby’s first trick or treat!

  • Misti Dawson

    Those costumes are so cute and creative. LOVE!!!!

  • Natasha Baker

    My daughter and twin boys all have birthdays the week after Halloween. This year we will be hosting the 5th annual Halloween Birthday Monster Bash. It is a fantastic time for all involved. My daughter and I have already started planning the menu and decor plans for this year and have selected costumes for our fam. It is spectacular!

    PS LOVE the cover!

  • Suzanne Brown

    LOVE this SOOOO cute!!!

  • Sue

    So cute:)

  • Sharon Kruschen

    loved reading your magazine article :)

  • FavorCakes by Erica

    What a fun cover. I think Liam and Stella are naturals in front of the camera!

  • tangani guna

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