Like many ladies across the country, I’ve had Missoni for Target’s capsule collection launch in my calendar for months! September 13th and doors open at 8am!


In fact, the night before, I couldn’t sleep a wink! I had visions of chevron prints dancing through my head. I had made a plan. My friend Dana and I would meet our friends Bill and Scout aka “The Guncles” in the Target parking lot at 8am sharp. Scout joked… “I’d pick you up but you’ll need your SUV, cause knowing you, you’ll want the Missoni bike!”

Missoni bike, please… Wait, there’s a Missoni bike? We had many discussions of which Target to target. We figured we’d only get one chance to grab the goods so we’d better choose a location wisely. Hollywood? Nah, there’d for sure be a stampede there. We chose a large Target in the valley. One not too far, but not too close to the city. We thought we were being strategic. But apparently strategy didn’t matter.

Being 99 months pregnant, it’s hard to do much, so I was a little late on getting in the car. Dana and I would arrive just after doors opened at 8am. Not a problem, we thought as we drove to Woodland Hills. But, at 8:10am, the texts from Scout started coming in…

“People are running!”

“A sales clerk just got attacked!”

“Omg! ” I screamed to Dana. “Step on it!” I texted Scout back “Grab whatever you can! We’ll sort it out when I get there!”

8:12am text from Scout…

“Nothing TO grab! Bill got some stuff. Pillows were wiped out by 8:05am!”

Crapballs! I was banking on homeware. Baby…oh no, what about Baby McDermott? I asked Scout to try to grab a baby blanket or onesie at least.

8:18am – final text from Scout before our arrival… “Wait till you see! Some woman is screaming because someone stole her cart of Missoni. We are scared! Hurry”

8:19am – we pulled into the parking lot. I practically sprang from Dana’s car mumbling something like “Fend for yourself” as I bolted through the sliding glass doors.

What came next was truly frightening!


Some might say Missoni Madness – a day I’ll never forget – was a social experiment gone wrong! I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw women of varying ages running with carts (some overflowing with merchandise and some completely empty), but each with the same mad look in their eyes. Like zombies attacking fresh meat, but in this case, it was knit cardigans and zigzag suitcases. I grabbed an empty cart and tried not to make contact with the angry mob. I passed a few sales clerks in red Target vests. They stood on the sidelines frozen in fear, unable to move.

Rack after rack of Missoni was barren. Nothing remained.




Finally I found Bill and Scouty! Billy had that crazy look in his eyes too. They had barricaded themselves in a corner with their carts. I assume it was for protection. Billy had the same Missoni pieces in many sizes. He mumbled, “I grabbed. I just grabbed”


Scout was proud of his findings. So grateful they had grabbed me some things before everything was wiped out. They got Stella a couple outfits, rainboots, and ballet flats.


Even baby Simone got in on the madness clutching her Missoni cardigan for dear life!


This woman had been waiting in line since 6am and proudly showed off her goods. If I wasn’t so preggers, I might have grabbed that suitcase and run but instead I simply smiled and said “well done.”


Then all of the sudden something happened! The angry Missoni Mob turned and in one fell swoop all started running with their carts towards the back of the store. What was happening? Well, apparently at the back of the store the keepers aka the sales peeps of the back stock were holding some sort of Missoni vigil for those that didn’t get many goods. If we lined up like civil women they’d bring out an assortment of pillows, candles, and mugs and we could each take 2! Fair enough!




He at the front was our Target leader. We patiently waited in line.

Here’s a video clip of the angry Missoni Mob in line…


Yay! After waiting for 30 minutes I got my 2 pieces! Missoni coffee mugs.


This woman set up shop aka 3 carts literally filled with entire Missoni displays near the check out line. As peeps passed by she offered to trade something they had with anything she had in her cart. Some woman grunted “she says she’s just gonna sell it all on eBay.”


On our way to check out, this kind woman came up to me with this baby outfit and said ” we grabbed it but don’t even have a baby. We want you to take it for your new baby!” Ahhh how sweet! And, in the 9th inning, Baby McDermott scores!



But then, I saw them as I left checkout. The bikes! What beauties they were. Well, good for those gals! Enjoy! And I hope they fit in your car.


Oh, and that hat!


But, Dana and I had scored, and had fun watching the madness! On the way out Dana likened the whole experience to the Cabbage Patch madness in the 80’s! Wonder what’ll be worth more in years to come, my plastic cabbage patch doll or my Missoni coffee mugs. Either way it’ll be a tale to tell…


At checkout I felt a sense of accomplishment. Sure, I would have liked a pillow or two or the coveted bike but I was just happy that I came, I saw, I was leaving in one piece, and I got some great pieces!

Did any of you brave the madness or buy some Missoni pieces online? Share your Missoni for Target stories in the comments below!

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