Missoni Madness

Like many ladies across the country, I’ve had Missoni for Target’s capsule collection launch in my calendar for months! September 13th and doors open at 8am!


In fact, the night before, I couldn’t sleep a wink! I had visions of chevron prints dancing through my head. I had made a plan. My friend Dana and I would meet our friends Bill and Scout aka “The Guncles” in the Target parking lot at 8am sharp. Scout joked… “I’d pick you up but you’ll need your SUV, cause knowing you, you’ll want the Missoni bike!”

Missoni bike, please… Wait, there’s a Missoni bike? We had many discussions of which Target to target. We figured we’d only get one chance to grab the goods so we’d better choose a location wisely. Hollywood? Nah, there’d for sure be a stampede there. We chose a large Target in the valley. One not too far, but not too close to the city. We thought we were being strategic. But apparently strategy didn’t matter.

Being 99 months pregnant, it’s hard to do much, so I was a little late on getting in the car. Dana and I would arrive just after doors opened at 8am. Not a problem, we thought as we drove to Woodland Hills. But, at 8:10am, the texts from Scout started coming in…

“People are running!”

“A sales clerk just got attacked!”

“Omg! ” I screamed to Dana. “Step on it!” I texted Scout back “Grab whatever you can! We’ll sort it out when I get there!”

8:12am text from Scout…

“Nothing TO grab! Bill got some stuff. Pillows were wiped out by 8:05am!”

Crapballs! I was banking on homeware. Baby…oh no, what about Baby McDermott? I asked Scout to try to grab a baby blanket or onesie at least.

8:18am – final text from Scout before our arrival… “Wait till you see! Some woman is screaming because someone stole her cart of Missoni. We are scared! Hurry”

8:19am – we pulled into the parking lot. I practically sprang from Dana’s car mumbling something like “Fend for yourself” as I bolted through the sliding glass doors.

What came next was truly frightening!


Some might say Missoni Madness – a day I’ll never forget – was a social experiment gone wrong! I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw women of varying ages running with carts (some overflowing with merchandise and some completely empty), but each with the same mad look in their eyes. Like zombies attacking fresh meat, but in this case, it was knit cardigans and zigzag suitcases. I grabbed an empty cart and tried not to make contact with the angry mob. I passed a few sales clerks in red Target vests. They stood on the sidelines frozen in fear, unable to move.

Rack after rack of Missoni was barren. Nothing remained.




Finally I found Bill and Scouty! Billy had that crazy look in his eyes too. They had barricaded themselves in a corner with their carts. I assume it was for protection. Billy had the same Missoni pieces in many sizes. He mumbled, “I grabbed. I just grabbed”


Scout was proud of his findings. So grateful they had grabbed me some things before everything was wiped out. They got Stella a couple outfits, rainboots, and ballet flats.


Even baby Simone got in on the madness clutching her Missoni cardigan for dear life!


This woman had been waiting in line since 6am and proudly showed off her goods. If I wasn’t so preggers, I might have grabbed that suitcase and run but instead I simply smiled and said “well done.”


Then all of the sudden something happened! The angry Missoni Mob turned and in one fell swoop all started running with their carts towards the back of the store. What was happening? Well, apparently at the back of the store the keepers aka the sales peeps of the back stock were holding some sort of Missoni vigil for those that didn’t get many goods. If we lined up like civil women they’d bring out an assortment of pillows, candles, and mugs and we could each take 2! Fair enough!




He at the front was our Target leader. We patiently waited in line.

Here’s a video clip of the angry Missoni Mob in line…


Yay! After waiting for 30 minutes I got my 2 pieces! Missoni coffee mugs.


This woman set up shop aka 3 carts literally filled with entire Missoni displays near the check out line. As peeps passed by she offered to trade something they had with anything she had in her cart. Some woman grunted “she says she’s just gonna sell it all on eBay.”


On our way to check out, this kind woman came up to me with this baby outfit and said ” we grabbed it but don’t even have a baby. We want you to take it for your new baby!” Ahhh how sweet! And, in the 9th inning, Baby McDermott scores!



But then, I saw them as I left checkout. The bikes! What beauties they were. Well, good for those gals! Enjoy! And I hope they fit in your car.


Oh, and that hat!


But, Dana and I had scored, and had fun watching the madness! On the way out Dana likened the whole experience to the Cabbage Patch madness in the 80’s! Wonder what’ll be worth more in years to come, my plastic cabbage patch doll or my Missoni coffee mugs. Either way it’ll be a tale to tell…


At checkout I felt a sense of accomplishment. Sure, I would have liked a pillow or two or the coveted bike but I was just happy that I came, I saw, I was leaving in one piece, and I got some great pieces!

Did any of you brave the madness or buy some Missoni pieces online? Share your Missoni for Target stories in the comments below!

  • victoria silva

    Okay…I support all of you who like this style…but really I don’t care for it…guess I am not cool….but glad you all got what you wanted!


    Victoria Silva

  • Holly Strother

    Tori, I live in a little town south of Pittsburgh, PA and I stopped in our local Target store this morning and they still had EVERYTHING in stock (and lots of it)!! EVEN THE BIKE!! I grabbed a few things for myself and my daughter.

  • Victoria Scott

    Love it! Great job team!! The texts from the Guncles were the best!

  • Shannon G.

    That is SO crazy! Where we live now the closest Target is 1 1/2 hours away! WAHHH! And I wasn’t able to get anything online! Glad you guys had fun!

  • Katie Mitchell-DiGiulio

    Our Napa Targets (yes we have two) had nothing I am hoping maybeee in the next few days get some items.. BUT it is all over ebay… I have already scored some shoes at a ok price… just wondering how the sizes were…. Good job scoring some items!! ps LOVE your blog.. :)

  • Summer S


    I know people probably think I lost my mind, but at least I have a good story to tell my grandkids when they ask me tell the story ONE MORE TIME about when Missoni came to Target.

  • tadams55431

    I did not make it to Target for this, but heard about it on the news. I loved reading your story and seeing the pictures. Super fun Tori!

  • Missy Caudill

    Great story, I felt like I was there! Love the website!

  • Cheyenne

    I don’t even know what to say. Apparently I am in locked in a dark closet somewhere and they threw away the key! I don’t even know what Missoni is? When did all this happen and how did I miss all the excitement! The stuff is so cool! It must be for a 99 month pregnant woman to venture out before 8am. Oh but really are any of us surprised that you were running late? LOL

    I will have to get to a target soon, the nearest one is 2 hours away :(!

    Funny story Tori! Loved reading about your experience.

  • Kelsey Jones

    I actually really scored some great stuff! I did have one crazy woman rip a blanket out of my hand then run away. Seriously?

    Here are some fun Instagram pics of what I got:


  • Audra Loudenbarger

    Wow, your Target has fancier carts than mine.

  • Kate Gallagher

    Seriously I think Target should put together a page of peoples crazy arse stories I bet they got some great calls today. Ugh this reminded me of blackfriday the only pieces I actually liked were the dishes and throw…the bike was cute too, but way out of my price range.

  • Kimberly Gnerre

    I had never heard of Missoni till today, when they showed all the madness going on at Target on the news. Great that you got some things.

  • sheri burdett

    Tori try online there are still some things left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doreen porzio

    Thanks for the story Tori! It was quite a mission to get some Missoni pieces!! Loved all the tweets from Bill & Scout!! At first, I didn’t know what they were talking about! Then I remembered!… Loved all the pics too! Glad you were able to score some pieces! Sorry you didn’t get the bike, but there’s always another time! Great Story!! smiley-wink.gif

  • Brooke H. McGee

    I braved the madness…. drove all over Atlanta to 4 different targets. All of them were empty. I was counting down the days til the Missoni launch and So was everyone else I guess. crazy?! Who knew… I scored a few pieces.. silk blk.white pj pants. Oh yea! was crashed most of the day but when I was able to break through… I scored 2 poufs! That I am excited about :)

  • Suzanne Brown

    I was part of the madness also I heart Missoni anyway and I heart Target too so what better combo! Tulsa stores were sold out by 11am! I managed to get my oldest daughter the sweetest pair of ballet flats. A few serving plates for around the house and a few paper supply, pencil, storage bin things! I didn’t see the BIKE OMG IN.LOVE. I was so glad that they stayed with their signature zigzag that I love so much! I LOVE that is was a success and beyond!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their treasures!

  • LL

    Tori it’s too bad you weren’t in Northern Mn yesterday. I was at Target in the afternoon and the shelves were still stocked!

  • Lana Gutierrez

    Love your post, pics, and video of the Missoni Madness! Gave me a chuckle in my crazy life! I was at my Target last night here in Florida and they still had stuff on the shelves. My 9 year old was like “come on Mom” when I stopped to look!

  • Dawn J

    I had no idea about Missoni. This afternoon I went to Target and saw all the displays. I live in Spokane WA and there were still some baby items, little girl items and home stuff available. Guess the trend has not hit hear.

  • Lady J.

    I braved two Targets and lost…. :( I REALLY wanted the cups and saucers set. Boo!!!

  • Lady J.

    And… I want that hat!!!!

  • Veronica George

    Puyallup, WA Target has stuff! Purposely checked for you Tori lol.

  • Heather Gimenez

    I was able to get a scarf, which I am thrilled with but had really wanted the bobby pins. So sad that most of the stuff was bought in large quanities to put on eBay. Not fair to those of us who honestly liked the line and wanted it for ourselves.

  • Bonnie Horton

    ok, IM lost! when did this missoni stuff get so big? IM from St.Louis ….is this just a big hit out west or everywhere? Ill have to look into this!

  • Candace Byszewski

    Oh my god, Tori, I was laughing out loud at this post. My sister texted me and said. “It’s gone, all gone” and I knew exactly what she was referring to!

  • Linda Larson

    I thought I was going to be doing the smarty pants dance by going online and buying from the Target website. I was sooooooooo wrong. I went to the website and because of the Missoni craze the website crashed!

  • Dee Shaw

    OMG! This is our best post yet, I could hear your voice when I read it. I so wanted to be at a Target that morning myself, but alas my job didn’t see fashion needs the way I did, so off to work I went with a heavy heart. I loved the pictures, every description, all of it THIS is you. Keep post like this one comming! Please ! ! smiley-kiss.gif

  • debbie labinski

    I went yesterday got 2 pairs of black suede heels and 2 pairs of zigzag flats and barrettes. Almost the rain boots but I was being kind to the lady annd let her take he last 9’s. I live in AZ. You were very brave to go though!

  • Tara Pascale

    The bikes are still available online!

  • Paula Giles

    I live in Alabama and was shocked to find that almost everything was wiped out from our store too! I was lucky enough to score 2 coffee mugs (same as yours Tori) and a Missoni thong. That’s it! Really wanted a sweater dress and shoes but glad I at least got what I did!

  • Toni Daughtry

    Oh Tori your too funny!!! <3 the post!!!! Went to Target this morning after taking hubby to the DR. I didn't go specifically for the Missoni because I knew they would be totally out of stock!!! Picked up what I needed and then proceeded to cruise the isles. Well...Well I was in shock! I was able to get 2 queen bedsets and an entire outfit for my 2yr old granddaughter for Christmas!! Score!!

  • Sasha Factor

    Hi Tori,

    Thank you for taking picture of me in Target smiley-smile.gif

    I never expected to be published on a website, especially yours…:)

    Thanks again, feels so good…:) Hope we can shop together next time…smiley-smile.gif

  • sarah shaw

    Wow I am in love! I can’t wait for Target to come to Canada! Oh the fun I will have! Love those bikes!

  • Stephanie Tedder

    Hi Tori,

    I just returned from my shopping trip to Target and I hit the Missoni jackpot!! I was able to find a camisole and several pairs of tights, I checked out at the return desk and I asked if anyone had returned any Missoni and someone had returned the matching sweater skirt (in my size), I’m so excited.

  • Chandra Payne

    Tori, I loved your story about going to Target. I thought I’d be ok and went to my Target (I live in VA) today. Everybody had grabbed everything up! I didn’t get any clothes, but I did get a plate. The salesperson today us one person spent 1,000 and another spent 4,000!! Missoni madness indeed!

  • Karmen Johnson

    I got nothing… But then again i didn’t even go :)

  • Sara Viers

    I ended up with some flats, photo frames and that awesome brown hat. Our Target is now totally wiped out!! I wanted the brown zig-zag dress, the candle, and some pillows but those ladies grabbing arm fulls of stuff were totally scaring me. I thought I might get punched in the face or something. :)

  • Sharon Kruschen

    I went at 11am to the Newbury Park Target. Funny, the day before I was considering going to Woodland Hills. But it doesnt matter, I didnt arrive until 11am. NP was sold out!!

  • Natalie Maynes

    Wow! Madness and craziness for sure! But thats seriously what is so fun about it… you never can predict what it will be like… just like Black friday! Plus being in Idaho, no alot of people are on style trend… so your odd are better about getting what you want sometimes! Glad you at least got some things! :)

  • Jeanne Tutt

    what the heck? what was all this madness about? Ever since I got taken by ambulance from the court house where Casey Anthony was being tried I vowed I would never do anything that would mob like that again. this would have qualified! Sends me into PTSD just thinking about the mob running around etc! and celebrities in the mix! Hopefully baby Simone is ok! glad baby mcdermott made out in the end! not revealing sex?

  • Lana Gutierrez

    Tori, I am still thinking about you and your mission for Missoni. I was at my Target, here in Fl., 2 nights ago and there were still 2 rolling suitcases. I guess here it is not as popular!!! Or maybe these Floridians haven’t got it together yet! LOL

  • Kristin

    It’s funny that I’m just reading this post on the eve of Jason Wu, but yes I was a part of Missoni MAdness that morning, only my experience was a much more laid back version with living in the burbs where many people had no idea what the hype was all about. I was the crazy girl with my friends with our carts loaded…from baby clothes to shoes, to plates, dresses and even stationary. It was SO much fun and I will never forget it! I am obsessed with chevron, and even scored my favorite piece, the throw blanket which sits happily on my couch! Bring on the Wu! :)