Fashion Forward: Flaunt that Flare

You don’t have to buy a brand new wardrobe to look chic for fall. Early autumn is less about a complete style makeover and more about shifting your color palette and adding layers to stay warm while the weather begins to cool off. With the right accessories, many of the pieces you’ve been wearing all summer can transition seamlessly into the cooler months.

I’ll do a separate blog on fall fashion later, but this week, I want to focus on how you can be on trend with the clothes you already have. I’ve chosen trends that are flattering on any figure, so if you do decide to go out and buy a few things now, you will look great in them next season too. No fashion victims here!

I’ll be sharing one transitional trend per day for this whole week – starting with one I love: flares!

Transitional Trend #1: Flares

Flares are back! This flattering style comes in and out and never really goes out of style completely – but it’s back in a big way this fall, and in really cool colors, not just blue denim. Here’s a good example of why you should hang onto your old clothes! I used to always throw things out and regret it because they would come back in style.



Over the summer, you might have worn your flares with chunky heels or wedges, a summer blouse, and a wide-brimmed hat.



To update your flares for fall, try wearing them in unexpected colors like burnt sienna or toffee. For a boho chic look, add a flowing tunic or faux fur vest + ankle boots, and you’re good to go.




Not in the mood to splurge? Dust off an old pair of flares or check out your local second hand store for an already broken-in pair. If you do want to invest in some flattering flares Rag & Bone has a nice denim pair and J Brand has a high-waisted version in corduroy.

Tomorrow will be all about Navajo-inspired and geometric prints, so stay tuned! What transitional pieces do you already have in your closet? And which, if any, do you plan to purchase? Tell me what you’re planning for your fall wardrobe in the comments below!

  • mema23

    Digg the look. If only I was 6 feet taller.

  • Hallie Eisenhardt

    I like this but what age group are you aiming it at? I am 38 yrs old and never know what i should where……..i love all kinds of looks but find that a lot of the clothes are for the younger girls. I would love to see and/or hear what would be trendy but what us not to old but not to young women should wear :)

  • Sam Langton

    I totally agree with Hallie, even though I consider myself pretty fashionable I am constantly asking myself “am I too old to wear that” and I am 34 there is nothing more embarrassing than a post 30 trying to loo 18.. I think that I have a much greater sense of style now in my 30′s than when I was in my 20′s and would love to see looks that are fashion forward as well as classic class.

  • Suzanne Brown

    I buy great jeans so they usually transition pretty well and a lot of basic tees in plain colors. I love to buy new shoes and accessories ( new bag, scarf, belts, sunglasses) every season those are normally my new purchases every season. I keep the basics the same and change the accessories! I always love to buy a couple chunky comfy sweaters to wear around too for fall/winter!


    I am a huge lover of dresses, so i plan to continue to wear them….. For early fall a simple cardigan is enough to stay warm… As the weather gets cooler i had leggings and boots….. For work a blazer instead of a cardigan does the trick…. :) I also do the same with my summer tanks and blouses… i wear them but cover up with a cardigan or cute jacket with maybe a scarf…..