Enter for a Chance to Win a $100 Back To School Shopping Spree!


Ahh, back to school shopping. It always adds up faster than you think, and with your munchkins tuning into kiddie trends way before you’ve even heard of them (remember silly bandz?), you’ve probably got a serious case of the gimme-gimmes on your hands.

Luckily, Shop It To Me (SITM) knows back to school better than you know the back of your own hand. SITM is like your own personal shopper – you choose the brands you love, and SITM sends you a daily email containing items on sale from all your favorite brands. No sifting required – SITM does it for you! Best of all, they’re giving away a $100 shopping spree to one lucky winner!

To enter for a chance to win, join Shop It To Me here, then leave a comment below telling me the top five must haves you and your kids need for heading back to school in style.

I’ll announce the winner next week – good luck!

  • BJ

    My daughter attends a private school, where uniforms are enforced. This makes it harder to show your own personal style. Must haves for her: shoes, headbands and accessories! I work in a private school in LA, so style is enforced! Must haves for me: great shoes and pieces that can easily go from business chic to working mom on the go!

  • heather Hill

    My top five back to school must haves are:


    -comfortable pants

    -short sleeve tops

    -cute back-packs!

  • Tia Roland

    Tough to only pick 5 but……… I would say jeans, sweaters, shoes, retro t-shirts and a stylish winter coat (for me!) :)

  • Mandy Perillo

    Top five in the opinion of my 7 year old, new converse in different colors, “cool” shirts, a cool backpack, different hats ;he is a big accesorizer and a hair cut, but leave some of the summer blonde on top :)

  • Karla Fields

    My top five must haves for back to school:

    1. Collared shirts

    2. Denim jeans

    3. Socks

    4. Warm Jacket

    5. Great pair of sneakers!

  • Dani Monsarrat Robert

    My four almost 5 year old lives in comfortable leggings and tunic shirts. To my horror, she is also drawn to the tackiest, loudest, most obnoxious sneakers on the market and these must be paired with a super stylish bag. A coat that can transition between fall and winter is also essential.

  • Ann Marie Vasquez


  • Crystal Skolsky

    With 3 kids I have lots of back to school must haves. I think the first and foremost has got to be shoes. They need shoes for inside, outside and PE. Then the shoes have to be white soled for gym and no skate shoes for running. It’s crazy. But then of course they need socks and underwear. Seems like I’m constantly buying those. But then I like to buy them something “cool” once and a while. Thanks for the great contest and blog.

  • BeeBee

    My 4 Year Old Son had to have another pair of light up Sketchers, flip flops, plaid cargo shorts, shirts with sports or animals on them & “holey” jeans…he has his own style with a bit of mom’s touch :)

  • Aftyn

    My daughter who is going to be 4 in october has started back to school and her must haves are leggings, sweater dresses, comfy boots, tons of clippies for her hair, and her number one thing that is her must have is go to comfy hoodie

  • momtrimarketing

    Priority #1 is definitely shoes for both my son and daughter (flip flops, athletic, casual, dressy). Jackets for both, girl hair accessories and dresses, and fun t-shirts for my son would round out my top five right . Ask again in a few weeks and I’m sure it will change.smiley-smile.gif

  • Rebecca Pietron

    My top five would be a good pair of sneakers, Jeans that actually fit my skinny 3 year old, pair of winter boots, winter jacket, and cute tops for my son. My son just turned 3 in June and is going to preschool and needs some clothes that actually fits. He is tall and skinny and a lot of his pants are too short.

  • Amber

    In starting my new career in the accounting field, my wardrobe needs a complete makeover, business suits, dresses, pants, shirts, and shoes! My daughter could use a makeover as well. She just turned 9 and started the fourth grade, and growing everyday. Kids grow out of close so fast!

  • Vicki Gerloff


  • Art Good

    Definitely shoes, and then solid or striped long sleeve polo shirts (school dress code – they are so hard to find!). Then a winter coat, hat and gloves, and some new jeans because he outgrows them sooooo fast!

  • Kim Adkins McMenama

    My 5 must have’s .1.)A great pair of jeans,boot cut and fit your butt just right.2.)A great comfy hoody 3.)Uggs4.)A cute camo bseball hat.(for bad hair days) 5.)And last but not least a light weight army green military jacket!! Thanks Tori!!!Love ya!!!

  • Rebecca Christiansen

    My daughter is in Preschool this year, and totally needs some cute but functional clothes. I am looking for some cute leggings that can go under dresses for the fall, jeans, some warm dresses, sweaters, and some adorable shoes to go with them all! I am starting back to work (at a preschool) and need some cute clothes that I can wear to look styish without too much cleavage. I am looking for myself to have some flattering jeans, warm sweaters, cute dresses and leggings, and some warm clothes to go underneath the things I already have. I just want some cute functional clothes that I can use for work and play that don’t cost a fortune!

  • Pearle Northrop

    I am doing the single parent gig. The most important thing I purchased this year was a strong lasting backpack. Reagan, my daughter, is starting Middles school 6th grade. The load is heavier so we opted for a L.L.Bean Backpack and we are hoping to make it last all the way through college.

    Besides the endless amount of school supplies she needed a decent pair of sneakers, jeans, a lightweight jacket and some age appropiate tops.

    I can’t afford much so we buy as needed…This year I could only afford the backpack and her supplies. Her clothing is hand-me-downs. They are great though…well made clothing can be passed down to a few kids.

  • vanessa C

    Our 5 must haves for our preschooler:

    1. jeans

    2. new shoes (some sneakers, slip-ons and a pair of Natives since it’s still hot for water play)

    3. Fun and funny shirts (our favorite last year was his “Sorry Girls I Only Date Models” shirt, but now we need a new fave!)

    4. Hats (for the cold and sunny weather, since we are in CA we typically only need one or two hats for “cold”)

    5. A nice looking AND durable coat for the “cold” / rainy season.

    BUT MOMMA needs just one thing… A nice bottle of wine and/or champagne to celebrate some ME time…

  • Kimberly Purdue

    My daughter just hit a growth spurt so we have to get all new fall and winter clothes. Some must haves are: jeans, a couple sweat outfits, some shoes (she has a shoe fetish if it was up to her they would all be shoes) a new jacket and a cute sweater dress.

  • Elise Barry

    Well I’m an army wife on a budget and mommy to 3 boys . Only the 4 yr old is in school right now and I call him my lil celebrity in the making! He already goes shopping with me and I leave it to him to pick out his own clothes. So DOMINICS 5 MUST HAVES for school are

    1) A Hoodie ( he loves that there is ” a hat” on the back of it)

    2) new sneakers ( he refuses to wear anything that he wore/got dirty last yr )

    3) Dark wash Jeans ( with all the markers and paint they use in school come with stains and Dominic will pass his clothes down to his brothers as soon as he gets a stain )

    4)Graphic/Glow in the dark Tshirts- Dominic has become obsessed with anything that glows in the dark or any shirt with a cool picture that he can show off to his friends!

    5) last but not least ACCESSORIES! – Who says boys cant wear bracelets, necklaces or a cute fedora!!!


    My daughter is going to be 10 in October and I just asked her the top 5 must haves for school and she says: Some kickin’ shoes, awesome jeans, stylin’ shirts, a rockin’ sweater, and some jammin’ jewelry!

  • Krystal Smith-Selke

    my 6 year old started 1st grade this year. her must have’s are: a classic jean skirt, the perfect white shirt, an awesome fitting pair of jeans, all white tennis shoes and of course, the cutest justin bieber shirt she can find. all of my must have’s include: a mommy’s planner and a weekly appointment for a spa day!

    much love to you tori. your family is amazing!

  • Stephanie Wolfe

    Each of my four kids should have (1) good tennis shoes (sparkly for the girl:) (2) pair of good jeans (again, sparkly for the girl:0) (3) a bazillion T-shirts in every color and style (4) THE best and most unique back pack’s (5) gym pants for the boys and snazzy dresses for the girl. BUT the MOST important trick to being stylish is HOW THEY WALK WHEN THEY WEAR ANYTHING… kids walk with smiles:0) Have a most awesome school year EVERYONE!!!

  • Katie D.

    I have a toddle…. a boy and it’s so hard to get out there and find the quantity of adorable items that are so easily accessible (and affordable) for girls! I love how this site allows you to shop for 1 person at a time and look at so many different retailers!

    Baby needs:

    1) new durable, yet stylish sneakers. I love the Puma Delor Cat V Kids – they are velcro (a plus for school and to help him learn to put shoes on and off alone) and look easy to wipe down to keep clean

    2) a pair of cute little dress shoes for all of the ‘dress up’ events – weddings and the holidays that are coming up!

    3) speaking of dressing up! Our little dude could use a snazzy outfit – something like the Nautica Little Boys 4 pc Vest set with the hankie -that kills me! or even a cute little sweater vest – argyle of course smiley-wink.gif

  • Katie D.

    womp womp! my #4 and 5 didn’t go through! After all of that dress up, he could also use a cozy little track suit and I’m going with the Puma on this one as well. Lastly, adding short sleeve polo shirts makes his wardrobe so versatile and living in Southern California, short sleeve is in season year round!

  • Kristen Walker

    Our must haves are good quality shoes, jeans, long sleeved tees, a great momogrammed backpack and lunch bag, and cute hair accessories! Once the cooler weather hits we like to stock up on cute patterned tights and knee highs! Oh and boots! :)

  • Tragedy

    I have 4 boys, ages 14- 4. The things they need most is : 1) Tennis shoes 2) Jeans ( they are very rough on theirs)! 3) They love hoodies! 4) They are also wanting new t.shirts. I have always passed down things from the oldest to youngest, so they are getting pretty worn. 5) They love track suits, so they can run easier. They are very energetic boys. Especially when all together!

  • Bonnie Horton

    My two granddaughters are in need of some fall clothes BIG TIME

    Ill keep it simple…

    1. Some leggins and colorful tunic shirts to be ready for any kind of day they might have. I think leggins can be dressy as well as practical. you can use them with tunics, sweaters hoodies…just about anything!

    2. a sweater and hoodie each to be ready for those cool crisp mornings, football games and a marshmellow roasts in the evening!

    3.some high top sneakers with the colorful paintings on the side and maybe some lights flashing!

    4.super cute jeans! …expandable waist please…miss Courtney is on the slim side.

    5. some fun socks…lots of socks…..LOL you know how they get lost in the dryer!

  • Brittlee

    I have had many set backs in finishing college, but finally, I decided my dad is my dad and I am me, what he does is what he does, not what I do, and I won’t let it effect me. While I may not have children to send to school, I myself am finally finishing school. All while working 40hours a week at the company that I will be working for once I finally get that silly degree!

    I get email aletrs from shop it to me weekly, telling me of all the new sales! I always computer screen browse though haha

    My must haves for fall are anything I can wear to work and class!

    1. fall color corduroy

    2. Peter Pan collard shirts

    3. wide leg trousers

    4. Mary Jane Heels

    5. Polka Dots!

  • Kellie OShields

    1. Jeans

    2. Tunic Tops

    3. Hoodies

    4. Cute dresses

    5. Lots of leggings

  • Sonnia Guerra

    I have 4 kidssmiley-laughing.gif (3 are girls with very individual tastes), so any free shopping spree would Rock!!! Even though my kids wear uniforms to school they like to add their own personal flair to their restricted wardrobes by wearing stylish shoes and accessories and cute and funky hoodies, so this would be the perfect way to accent their clothes! And my personal favorite is when they choose to wear colorful leggins underneath their uniform skirts…they are all Fashion Mavens if I say so myself! But to abide by h rules here are my 5 choices!!!!

    1. Shoes

    2. Leggins

    3. Hoodies

    4. accessories

    5. Jeans

  • Christina West

    My little 4 year-old Fashion Maven is shy, until she has an outfit on that she simply loves or feels beautiful in. This free shopping spree is something her and I could sit and do together. Knowing she has picking out and “bought” her own outfit would boost her confidance so much! My daughter’s top five fashion must haves are:

    1.) Tutu style skirts (“in every color of the rainbow”)

    2.) Sparkly Sneakers (“perfeably with Hello Kitty on them”)

    3.) Beauitful Vintage Inspired Dresses (“that she can twirl in”)

    4.) Leggins (“that are comfy and that can be worn alone with a top or under a dress”)

    5.) Hair Accessories (“so her hair can be put back and still look as pretty as a princess”)

  • Melissa Tipton

    My 5 must haves for school are cool shoes, jeans, character tshirts, plenty of underwear and socks and last but not least a cool backpack/lunchbox combo!

  • Karen Diaz

    I just left my job to pursue my business andbe around more for my 4 year old Claire and 2 year old Lucas. I am excited to get my little ones school clothes but I am on a budget this year but it is worth it!

    Five Items:

    1. Fun backpack they pick the design.

    2. Cool rain boots/umbrella. They love this and will rock it even in sunshine. If there is a puddle they will jump in it.

    3. Fun fall jacket or sweater that goes with jeans or sweats

    4. That one comfortable outfit to play play play yet it is still adorable like velour pants and jacket.

    5. Jeans or colored corduroy.

    Whatever they wear there is nothing like the greeting when I pick them up. That greeting alone was worth leaving my job.

  • LilTomMom

    Here’s hoping you pick me as a winner. For my girl/ boy set, here are the top 5 must- haves. Long sleeve t-shirts, sweatpants, pattern socks, sneakers, and, they may differ on this one- undies. Great giveaway:)

  • Joanne S.

    I have two daughters, ages 5 & 3, their must-haves for back to school and pre-school are: Comfy & stylish fall coat, LOTS of leggings, sparkly shoes (Barbie or Hello Kitty are their favorites), dresses and cardigans/hoodies for layering. Fun giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mandi Garfield

    Cool giveaway! Fingers crossed! :D

    I have a 5 & 3 year old (girl/boy). Their lists are pretty much the same in basics.

    1. I am currently on a search for light yet warm fall jacket for each of them. Weird, I already have their winter coats/ski pants.

    2. Long sleeve tees that we can start to wear in fall, through winter and into early sping.

    3. Jeans, and bottoms in general. Leggings for DD. Athletic pants for sportster DS.

    4. Flats for DD. Converse-type shoe for DS.

    5. I’m already thinking about their holiday clothes. It would be fabulous to use this shopping spree to buy their Christmas outfits!


  • Christy Geary

    With a move to Ft. Drum, New York in just a matter of weeks, our back to school wardrobing needs are intense. Down here in Georgia, we wear sandals year round…but that’s soon going to change!
    1. Snow boots
    2. Snow suits
    3. Jeans
    4. Hats
    5. Scarves/gloves

  • Amanda Hatfield

    Definatly need some cute shoes or boots, they have a bunch of cute stride rites from nordies! And Bloomingdales has the cutest boho shirt and skirts. Also timeless polo dresses! The crocs store has flannel crocs too, those would be great for Northern Illinois! and Old Navy has some of the cutest little girls winter coats ever, and they are actually really warm too!

  • Lynnette Gebhardt

    What a great idea! My little guy is still developing his style, but he MUST have the following…

    1. Jeans – I just love the cargo style of pants on him

    2. Shorts – here in Florida they are a year-round item

    3. Shirts – long and short sleeve (more short than long)

    4. Caps – he has really been having fun with hats lately, especially his cowboy hat!

    5. Shoes – sneakers, loafers, those little feet just grow so fast!

    If I were to pick a 6th item, it would be a coat too. Most days in the winter our kiddies may only need them for the chilly mornings, but it does warm up through the day usually.

  • Lisa R.

    My 6 year old daughter definitely has a style of her own, but the 5 things we agree are must haves are: 1. Leggings

    2. Shoes, Sneakers, Boots

    3. Shirts with sayings, characters, glitter, etc…

    4. Jackets

    5. Hair accessories

  • Cynthia Willcox

    My son is only in half-day preschool now, but his top five things are

    1. A personalized backpack (sharks to be specific)

    2. New pants because he’s gotten too tall for all his old ones

    3. A new coat (with the Union Jack as the lining!)

    4. New tennis shoes

    4. Crayons!!

    Great giveaway and website!!

  • Retha Morgan

    I am a mom of 4 (3 boys(7,5,4) and 1 girl(2)) And in our house everyone has their own personal style. My 7 year old is a “cool” tshirt and jeans kind of kid, the 5 yr old is a whatever is clean kind of kid, the 4 yr old is a little preppy so Jeans and a polo makes his day and the 2 yr old princess is all about bright colors, glitterly tops and cute cute shoes. Its all about the shoes for her. So our Top 5 are

    1. Jeans Jeans and more jeans with 3 boys we can never have enough

    2. Long sleeve tshirts (no characters though none of them like charcters)

    3. Shoes for all (Sneakers for the boys and anything cute for princess)

    4. Belts ( I think a belt fairy lives under my kids beds)

    5. Something special for each one of them, this is a must have because each year we want each child to feel special and pick something that is unique to them and thier personal style.

  • Brooke Maslak

    Hi Tori! Your ediTORIal was the best find! My daughter has been crazy into pinatas and we saw your how to make a pinata and she is a full blown pinata factory…thanks much! I have 3 lil cherubs: a 7 year old girl Cameron, a six year old girl, Macey and a 3 year old boy Cruze! they are cuute and finally…here is the TOP 5 picks:

    1) Long sleeve shirts 2)Practical Jeans 3)Warmth jackets/mittens-hats 5) Lounge clothes like tracksuits

    Many thanks in advance (either way) ~Brooke