The 2011 Emmy Awards might have been a little boring last night (thank goodness for DVR fast forward – although, I loved my pal Jane Lynch!), but the fashion was RED hot. Literally! I guess stylists across LA read the trend reports for fall, which indicated that red would be the fall “IT” color, because it was the craze on the red carpet last night.
My fave red look of the night was Nina Dobrev from CW’s “Vampire Diaries.” The lucky lady is also rumored to be dating hottie co-star Ian Somerhalder. She looked like an old time movie siren mixed with a Vogue couture cover shoot. Elegant!
I also thought “Glee’s” Lea Michele looked great in her red look. Simple, chic, and modern. Well done ladies! Or ladies’ stylists ha ha.
I’m a little on the fence about Gwyneth Paltrow’s look. Granted, the natural beauty would look stunning in a couture paper bag but I thought the Pucci look fell somewhere In the middle of semi-working and semi-not. It was a blend of crochet lace (very current), Indian sari (kinda cool), and bare midriff (shouldn’t have ever been cool). I speak from personal experience – Donna Martin was a walking bare midriff model all throughout the 90’s (and the 90’s is where that look should be left).
As far as a total miss… I thought Zooey Deschanel missed the mark. I’m such a fan of her’s, and usually like her quirky throw back style, but this one felt like too much. Maybe the pink and red would have worked in cocktail length, but in ball gown form, it was just too overwhelming.

I’m not a huge fan of the pink/red combo anyway. I cut Natalie Portman some major slack at the Golden Globes, because she was preggers, but this look on Zooey didn’t work. Meanwhile, it was Stella’s favorite look of the night! But then again she’s 3 and would be covered head to toe in bubble gum pink 24 hours a day if she could!

So, tell me which looks you loved, felt ish about, and felt totally didn’t work!

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