Every year, people say “DWTS has jumped the shark (aka it’s past it’s prime),” but like a junkie, I still tune back in (the first episode at least) to see which “stars” have got actual moves and which should have stayed home and watched the show from their living rooms like the rest of us. Last night’s premiere of season 13 of DWTS did NOT disappoint. Being pregnant and highly emotional, I cried 3 times…

First, at seeing Courtney Cox in the audience not just watching with daughter Coco, but standing and applauding her estranged hubby David Arquette. Kudos Courtney! Their split that’s been so public has seemed at times a little messy and she easily could play the victim/scorned wife (we’d totally understand) but instead, for the sake of their daughter, she’s out there supporting David. Takes balls, and in my book she’s got big ones! Well played. Plus, David Arquette looked great. He says he’s 8 months sober and looked healthy and vibrant and anxious to kick ballroom butt.

I cried a second time at the song Ricki Lake danced to with her partner Derek Hough. It was David Gray’s “This Year’s Love”. On my DVR I must have hit rewind 6 times to see her gracefully sweep the floor to this song. It’s one of those songs that makes you think of a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode or a really great chick flick. Enter this song when the 2 main characters have gone their separate ways but at this point in the movie, through the device of flashbacks, they realize they are meant for each other. Made me think of Dean, our love, and the love we’ve created growing inside me… Cue tears again.

The third time I cried was watching the highly anticipated and controversial Chaz Bono dance. I’ve known Chaz since we were kids. I admire him so much for his voice and choices and wanted him so badly to do well. I was, however, worried. I had no idea if he could dance. Then during his pre-taped package, he spoke of being worried because of his weight. Well, he came out and shocked everyone. He had moves but most of all, there was a confidence he exuded. He knew he was up against many nay-sayers and yet came out and performed like a champ. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t jump out of my bed, tears streaming down my face, applauding manically, and screaming at the TV ” F ’em all Chaz!”. Yep that was me!

All in all, I was super impressed with last night’s show. Sometimes you get celebs that seem to just mail in performances, or are so mechanical you can’t bear to watch. This season, I felt like every celeb brought their A-game to the ballroom for their first dance. Not only did I see impressive skills, but most importantly, I saw heart. Notable was CNN lawyer Nancy Grace who quite possibly is the ham of season 13? Who knew! And I think Chynna Phillips is a lead contender, along with Kristin Cavallari. And, I have to give a shout out to my momista friend and DWTS host Brooke Burke-Charvet who looked stunning as usual! Go mama!

So who did you love last night on season 13 of DWTS? And most importantly tell me… Was it emotional or am I just a hormonal pregger?

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