We’re excited to bring you another great article from LilSugar, a fantastic source for mamas who want advice and news about everything from packing healthy lunches to mastering the art of stroller chic. This week, we’re featuring their 8 Tips For Easing the Morning Rush. Enjoy!


And they’re off! Once the alarm clock rings, many moms feel like they’re running the race of their life as they try to get their lil ones, and themselves, out the door and into school before the bell rings. Add a child who is dragging her feet and a missing permission slip to the mix and the whole day can be thrown off. While organizational experts tell us that preparing the night before will make for smooth sailing in the morning, a few time-tested tricks will help you out the door every day.


Please Report to the Command Center

Create a command center where tots can dump their coats, hats, backpacks and shoes. Assign each lil tyke his own cubby, so they can easily find their own things each morning.


Brusha Brusha Here, Brusha Brusha There

Sending your kids back to their bathroom to brush their pearly whites can tack on an extra five minutes to the morning rush. Keep a spare set of toothbrushes and toothpaste in the kitchen (or the bathroom closest to the kitchen) for supervised last minute cleanings.

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Last One to the Table is a Rotten Egg!

Encourage lil ones to get up and at ’em by rewarding the first one to the table with the ability to choose the family’s breakfast for the day.

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Dress to the Music

Forget the TV that can draw lil eyes in with its mesmerizing images and story lines. Create a playlist with fast-paced tunes to set the morning pace. Allow your kids some input with the music to encourage them to move along.

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Dispense For Yourself!

Avoid breakfast meltdowns by providing tots with the option of what you have prepared or dispensing their own cereal if they don’t like what is offered.


A Week at a Glance

Spend part of your Sunday afternoon planning out your wee one’s attire for the week. Using a sweater organizer (or this one designed specifically for tots), organize the outfits by days, alleviating any potential wardrobe meltdowns in the morning.


Jot It Down!

A large family calendar, located in a central area, such as the kitchen or the back door, allows everyone to see the month at a glance. It also helps provide some checks and balances so one family member can remind another about upcoming events.


A Place For Everything and Everything in its Place

Sports equipment, science club materials and ballet outfits can easily become mixed up if there isn’t an assigned place for them. Designate baskets, buckets, or tote bags for each after-school activity, and place them in your entryway, making them easy to grab while running out the door.

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