Announcing Our Shop It To Me Winner!

Last week, I asked you to share the top five back to school items on your shopping list to enter for a chance to win a $100 Shop It To Me gift certificate!

Well, we have a winner! Retha is a mother of 4 from Birmingham, Alabama. Here’s what she had to say:

“I am a mom of 4 (3 boys ages 7, 5, and 4, and 1 girl, age 2). In our house, everyone has their own personal style. My 7 year old is a “cool” t-shirt and jeans kind of kid, the 5 yr old is a whatever is clean’ kind of kid, the 4 year old is a little preppy, so jeans and a polo makes his day, and the 2 year old princess is all about bright colors, glittery tops, and cute shoes. It’s all about the shoes for her.

So, our Top 5 are:

  1. Jeans, jeans and more jeans – with 3 boys, we can never have enough
  2. Long sleeve t-shirts (no characters though – none of them like characters)
  3. Shoes for all (Sneakers for the boys and anything cute for princess)
  4. Belts (I think a belt fairy lives under my kids’ beds)
  5. Something special for each one of them – this is a must-have, because each year we want each child to feel special and pick something that is unique to them and their personal style.”


Congrats Retha! I love how you combine the basics with one special item for each kid. Have fun with your Shop It To Me gift certificate, and let us know what you end up getting!


  • Toni Daughtry


  • Toni Daughtry

    Well….Something happened to my post??? That was not all I had said…oh well!

    Rhetha, Congrats!! Your a Winner!!! The post about your little ones was darling! Don’t you just love EdiTORIal!!! Have a great time shopping!!

  • Karla Fields

    Contgrats Retha!!! Enjoy your “Shop it to Me” gift certificate!!! :)

  • Karla Fields

    Whoops, I meant Congrats!!!! smiley-embarassed.gif

  • Retha Morgan

    WOOOO HOOOOO!!! How exciting….. Thank you so much Tori & Shop it to Me! I am very excited! The kids are going to be so happy as well.

    Thanks Toni & Karla!

    I will let you know what the kids get. Again wooooo hoooo thanks so much!

  • victoria silva

    Congrats to you………ya hoo you won!

    Victoria Silva

  • Suzanne Brown

    Yay congrats!!!

  • Retha Morgan

    OK Yall, sorry for the delay. But I just placed my order with shop it to me. First let me say I am still so exctied and have told so many people and to my surprise I was the only one of my girlfriends who didnt know about the site. LOL But now I just love it.

    So every child got to pick 2 items, and again surprise me they didnt pick anything I thought they would have. Even though I let them pick seperatly from everyone else in their own mommy and me time.

    7yr old – Hoodie (Gap) & long sleeve Tee (old Navy)

    5 yr old – 2 long sleeve tees

    4 yr old – Plaid button down (if I must say is tooooo stinkin cute & a long sleeve tee)

    2 yr old – Since there werent any shoes for her on the site her interest was gone, so I picked 2 cute tops for her to be worn with leggings. But mental note for you all OLD NAVY is having a great BABY sale right now and remember baby goes to 5T so OMG I personally got some other cute cute stuff for her. They had a belted sweater dress for $10 OMG.

    Anyway thats what I got, Again BIG BIG Thank you to Tori & Shop it to me this was fun!

  • Retha Morgan

    OMG I posted what I got….and its not on here OMG

  • Retha Morgan

    OOPS sorry there it is, DUH!