“If I had it to do over again, I’d have more children and less stuff.”


A friend of mine retweeted this, and I loved it. My friend was actually retweeting a person who had overheard an older, well-to-do woman say this, and it really got me thinking about the values that guide the decisions we mommies make everyday. Of course, we all work to put food on the table and provide the best life we possibly can for our kids. And sometimes a little retail therapy, whether it’s at Net-a-Porter or Forever 21, can be a total mood lifter.
ndqJJXPbxStXuC1CaYdt2b7h.jpeg:Amazon:photoBut do we get too caught up in having “stuff, and if we do, why? Do we sometimes think we need things that might not really make us happy? And how much stuff is too much? It’s important to stop and take invenTORI of our lives every now and then, and to realign our priorities if necessary.

What do you all think? Do you feel like you could pare down the “stuff” in your life? If so, how? And what gives you the most joy everyday?

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