Some of you may recall Liam’s twitter account, “Liam’s World.” And while it’s been dormant for a while, we’re bringing it back here on ediTORIal! Each week, I’ll be sharing Liam’s greatest gems. Enjoy!

Liam, going for a Harry Potter chic look, posed for me and said, “You have to say, “Damn… You look handsome!'”

Tonight, Liam also said, “I want to see Crazy, Stupid, Love.” I said, “It’s an adult movie,” and he responded, “No, Mom. It’s for kids. What happens is the kids say, “I love you,’ then they go crazy, and that’s just stupid.”

Who knows, maybe one day Liam will make his version of Crazy, Stupid, Love! Until then, sorry Monkey, you’re not old enough to see it yet!

What are your kids saying about movies these days?

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