My kids love themselves a piggyback ride, but Deans’ back doesn’t always agree…that is until we discovered Piggyback Rider.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Piggyback Rider is a lightweight child carrier that lets your kids stand up and get a birds’ eye view while you’re hiking, shopping, or sightseeing anywhere. It’s like a traditional piggyback ride, but with good posture, and no clawing, choking, or getting poked in the eye by your little ones. Plus, since kids have to stand up in the Piggyback Rider, they stay engaged in your fun family activities without falling asleep and missing out.

Another cool fact about the Piggyback Rider is that it was founded by two Dadpreneurs! Makes sense, since dads are the main providers of piggyback rides (at least in my family). Brothers Wayne and Jonny invented Piggyback Rider with support from their youngest brother Bryan. With eight kids among the three brothers, they know a thing or two about toting tots around, and they put a ton of care and consideration into creating Piggyback Rider.

Win a Piggyback Rider!

Want to try it with your kids? Piggyback Rider is giving away a child carrier (valued at $79.99) to one lucky ediTORIal reader. To enter for a chance to win, tell me why your family needs a Piggyback Rider in the comments below.

Can’t wait to get your hands on one? Use code TORI15 to get 15% off of your own Piggyback Rider. The code will be good for the first 50 purchasers only, so if you think Piggyback Rider is for you, go for it now at

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