Kaftan of the Week: Mommy Style

I love this picture of a chic mama in a flowing kaftan with her cute baby girl (ps – how adorbs is her daughter’s blue dress?). Kaftans are perfect for mommies. They’re comfortable, versatile, and chic – ideal for chasing babies around the house in style! And for brand new mommies, kaftans are a forgiving style for looking chic while getting your figure back post-pregnancy.

All you new mamas – what are your favorite tricks for looking chic while you wait for that post-baby belly to shrink?

Photo Credit: Two New York
  • victoria silva

    I am not a new mom… but I do love this kaftan… and would wear it gladly.

    A hug,

    Victoria Silva

  • Jamie at Home

    This is lovely. I’m short so I’m not sure a kaftan would look very good on me. My favorite thing after having a baby is getting a nice haircut, maybe some highlights and a brow wax. It always makes me feel so much better about myself!! Throw in a comfy skirt and flip flops and I’m set.

  • Bonnie Horton

    Tori, my daughter made that little girl dress , very same pattern , for both her little girls! If you want one for Stella, Im positive she will make it for you!I have pictures of them in those dresses on my profile I think…

    let me know! I know she d love to do that for little Miss Stella!

    BTW…I think a grandma would love that Kaftan too!!! I sure would!

  • Audra Pace

    I am in love with this kaftan. I think it would be fantastic with some gladiator sandals or just bare footing it aroung the house or in the backyard. I am a mother of two and I run a daycare from our home so I can stay home with my children. Dont get me wrong I love what I do and the kids make me laugh everyday but I cherish the days when I have no one to look after and I can just be lazy around the house with my own little ones. This kaftan is perfect for those days with my kiddies.

    ps to hide my post baby belly while trying to slim down I took a little advice from you Tori and baught spankx in bulk!! eventhough my babies are now 3 and 1 I still love those spankx on my fat days. lol

  • Suzanne Brown

    LOVE this one the pure white is great! I had a post baby bod during the SUMMER ACK!!! Luckily I had huge breast’s bc I nurse but the belly and everything else was not so flattering. We frequent the pool a lot and I got a Nairobi robe to wear over a simple black suit. I laid by the pool and soaked my feet every now and then but got tons of compliments on my “swim cover”

    Victoria secret yoga pants BLACK were a FAV too and I got a bubble shirt at Forever 21 (WHAT?) that I wore every other day 😉 Until my husband started calling it the “termite” (you know destroyers “wood”) off color but hilarious! 😉 haven’t seen it since!

    Also a fan of Brooke Burks Baboosh belly sucker inner I did everything but bathe in it! My Bubbe told me to wrap my ribs (Jewish mother trick I guess) never did it but probably should have taken her advice!

  • hollabacknow

    I really love that kaftan. I havent had a problem with the baby weight. Of all years right after I have a baby is when I LOVE my weight. Probably was the “morning sickness” that lasted 7 out of the 9 months lol. Still like to hear the ideas from others incase I have a baby #3 and its completely different.

  • FavorCakes by Erica

    I had both of my babies in Spring/Summer time so it was always easy to wear flowy sundresses, especially ones with an empire or high waist so your boobs look great, your waistline looks smaller, and your tummy is hidden smiley-kiss.gif

  • Ivah Moore

    i’m not a new mommy, mine baby is 18 months old. But, I do love drawstring, beach pants. They come in many beautiful patterns, and colors. You can lounge in then while baby is sleeping, and be chick enough in them to make a quick run to the grocery store.