dVGBdzAvlBdjjUOfXaW7tama.png:Amazon:photoMy friend has started a site called Baby Bump Talk, full of comments people have said to pregnant mommies… some hilarious, some offensive, and all interesting! It’s a place where pregnant moms can share their horror stories, make each other laugh, and come together as a community of women whose skinny jeans are on semi-permanent retirement!

Here’s my latest Baby Bump Talk story:

I was in the checkout line at our local market, pregnant. A man next to me was unabashedly staring at my belly with a horrified look on his face. What? Had I spilled my lunchtime burger condiments on myself for the 4th day in a row? Finally he piped up and said, “WOW. You are HUGE! How many weeks left?” I looked down at my belly (sans beef drippings and mayo) and nervously giggled and then replied, “3 1/2 MONTHS left!” Wonder if he heard me quietly whisper “douche” to myself as me and my “huge” pregnant ass waddled off. And then waddled back because I had left my donut holes.

What’s the funniest thing someone’s said to you while you were pregnant? Share your stories at BabyBumpTalk.com!

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