Last week, I invited you to share your most recent “mommy moments.” Here are ten that are bound to make you smile!

Cuddles from Cassie Newton:

“My son is going to be one next Monday and from Day one he has not been a cuddler. Don’t get me wrong; he’s a happy baby who shows us he loves us, but he’s only cuddled with me twice, and that’s because I picked him up while he was still asleep! So, to my surprise, this week he has been coming over to me and placing his cheek on my bent knee while sitting and holding onto me and saying, “awwww Mama.’ It’s the little things that make being a Mom the best.”

Love Notes from MeghDale:

“My husband is a stay-at-home daddy while I work. Yesterday, he called to tell me that he saw our three year old typing away at her toy-laptop. She yelled over to him and said “Daddy, I just got an e-mail from Mommy at work. She says she loves me!” It really is so sweet…and I didn’t even know she knew what e-mail was! (And the fact she knows how much I love her makes my heart smile!)”

Safety Tips from Tamryn Goodes:

“My last mommy moment was yesterday, out shopping. My almost six year old son, Ronan, grabbed his little sister’s hand and told me, ‘Mommy you can walk behind us…. I’ve got her’ (getting ready to cross the street). It’s the little moments in life that make it worthwhile. Love my little ones, just wish they’d stay little forever.”


Signs from Angela Knight:

“I have had several moments with all three of my children, but the recent one has been with my deaf sixteen month old daughter. Her name is Ella, and six months ago, we found out she has been deaf since birth. Ever since we learned this, I have been furiously trying to learn as much as I can about deaf culture and sign language. Right now she has hearing aids but will be getting cochlear implants in the next couple if months. I have been teaching her some signs. She already has, more’ and Daddy’ down. But she would never sign ‘Mommy’. The other day it finally happened. I was ecstatic! It is always a special moment when the child you carried for nine months and have loved for longer says ‘Mommy’ for the first time, but it’s even more special when that same child who doesn’t speak, signs ‘Mommy’. Words cannot express my love for her and for that moment. I cannot wait until she can hear me say her name and that I love her for the first time.”

Sweet Dreams from Deb Soromenho:

“Every night, my son, who’s ten, grabs onto me around my neck and doesn’t want me to leave his bedside. He wants me to stay and talk all night! It’s sooo hard to leave so he can get rest; we have the best conversations at bedtime!”

Doggie Pile from Richel Newborg:

“I was laying on the sofa, watching cartoons with all three kids. They are nine months, two years old and four years old. We were just a big old, lazy pile of mommy and kids on the sofa laughing. Soon everyone started to fall asleep and we ended up napping all in a big blob for about 45 minutes. It was heaven. Not to mention….the nap was also a treat! I realized I am lucky to get to stay home with my kids and have the opportunity to do that!”

Get Well Card from Nicole Clark:

“My son, who is 10, just found out that a classmate’s little sister has leukemia. He cried in my arms and said, “It would break my heart if my little sister had cancer. She must be so sad. I want to send her a card so she knows I’m praying for her and her sister.’ My heart swelled and broke into pieces. He has such a kind and gentle heart!”


Positive Reinforcement from Trish Hunt:

“Have you ever had one of those mornings when your hair won’t cooperate, you get eyeliner and mascara in your eyes, the dog has messed on the carpet, and you rip a hole in your last pair of pantyhose? That was my morning the other day…just as I was getting ready to sit down and cry, my six year old son came over to me, put his little hands on my face and said “Mommy, it’s going to be a good day. You look beautiful.’ How can you top that? Then as I was getting up to finish getting ready, he smacked me on the butt and said ‘Now go get ’em.’ God, I love that kid!!!”

Wedding Vows from Amber Manganelli:

“We recently went to my cousin’s wedding and my daughter asked why they got married. I said, ‘Because they love each other’. She then told me that we had to get married because we love each other. Now when we play dress up, she tells me we have to get ready for our wedding! Too cute!”

Flowers from Roxanne Rice:

“I have a six year old and a four year old who bring me flowers everyday. They go out into the yard and pick me the most pretty dandelions they can find. It is the sweetest thing ever. Love them so much!”

Thanks to all the proud mamas who shared their “mommy moments!” If these cutest moments reminded you of the little things you love about being a mom, gush about it in the comments below!

Photos: WeHeartIt.com; Denise Kramer
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