Your 4th of July Pictures

When I posted the pictorial diary of my family’s 4th of July holiday, I asked you to share pictures of your own celebrations. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jenny’s Dessert Table

My friend Jenny put together an amazing dessert table, along with some other creative party stations:


Jenny for the win! This dessert spread takes the cake. How cute are the shabby chic elements? I especially love the white bureau drawer used as a cake pop holder. The hand carved, hand painted “4” is such a nice touch too, and gives a wonderful handmade feel to the whole spread.


Red velvet parfaits and mini ice cream cones.


Cake pops nestled in red, white, and blue-wrapped candies. I’ll take an order of those!


Gotta have 4th of July sugar cookies. Jenny’s are shaped like the American eagle.


Festive rice krispie treats.


Jello cups with fun windmills.


Jenny had a “Decorate Your Bike” station – perfect for kids! The red, white, and blue serving tray is adorable too, and I love the vintage Pepsi tray.

Jenny’s baked goods and sweet treats business is called Jenny Cookies – to order from Jenny or see more of her incredible creations, check out her website here!

Fenton’s Pool Party


Chic umbrellas in summer-y colors.


What says summer more than melons and mint? Looks so delicious!


Fruit kabobs and mint mousse – perfect for poolside dining.


Fruit-filled beverages are a summer must-have.


Star-shaped sugar cookies representing the red, white, and blue.

Favor Cakes by Erica




I love the baskets of treats. What an adorable way to present your marshmallows and frosted pretzel sticks.

Thank you Erica!

Sarah’s 4th of July Porch Party




I love the mason jars with the red and white striped straws, and the handwritten sign instructing guests how to make their drinks – feels homey and festive.
Thank you, Sarah!

These 4th of July crafts and baked goods make me want to celebrate the holiday again – I’m making lots of mental notes for Labor Day!

Luckily, we can come up with fun crafts all year round. If you’ve created any crafts lately that you’d like to share, upload pictures to your profile, and tell me about them in the comments below.

  • sarah deshotels tullier

    THANK YOU! :) Means alot coming from a crafty person like you, Tori!

  • FavorCakes by Erica

    Oh wow! Thank you so much Tori for choosing my pictures as part of your favs :-) Everyone had such creative ideas and wonderful displays. This was the first time I’ve made anything special for the 4th and it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to next year as well smiley-smile.gif

    Oh and I’m working on a Spiced Tropical Tea Cooler recipe to share with my neighbors, hopefully today if I can locate some fresh mint. I will post pics once it’s finished.

  • victoria silva

    Really love all these ideas… and there’s those mason jars again… the uses for these vintage looking jars is unstoppable…. did you know that you can find really old ones at flea markets and antique stores?

    When I do find them… at antique stores…I buy them right away…. and then bring them home… wash out with warm sudsy water…let dry… and fill them with whatever I need extra storage for… or fill with fresh herbs and flowers…and use as a vase!


  • Heather Sunshine

    Galvanized metal! It is everywhere! Love it!

  • FavorCakes by Erica

    Thanks to Facebook and the wonderful moms in my community I was able to get some fresh mint and make my Spiced Tropical Tea Coolers. I posted a couple of photos in my album “When I’m Feeling Crafty” and you can find the recipe here: You can find the recipe for Spiced Tropical Tea Coolers on my blog post at

  • Richel Newborg

    Those were great ideas! Love the krispie treats! How fun are those! I also think that those little ice creams are so cute. I have to find those cones!