I’m not the only mom out there with a passion for business – in fact, I know a bunch of you moms here on ediTORIal have businesses of your own too!

I know how challenging it is to get a business off the ground while maintaining the daily routine of getting dinner on the table, making sure the kids are in bed on time, and still making time to nurture your relationship with your hubby. It’s a lot to ask of one woman, and sometimes we have to be ok with letting little things slide while we keep our eyes on the big picture.

Be Featured on ediTORIal!

I want to recognize all you multi-tasking business mavens here by featuring a mompreneur bi-monthly. For a chance to be interviewed by me and have your business featured here on ediTORIal, just leave a comment below telling me the name of your business, what you do, and what inspired you to start it.

I can’t wait to meet all you mompreneurs!

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