Last week, I shared how to make cupcake sandwiches and cake pops (all from the same batch of cupcake batter), and I asked you to share ideas for your favorite creative treats. Here are two that I can’t wait to try myself!

Cupcake Burgers from Richel:

“I have used the bottoms of chocolate cupcakes to make “hamburgers” or “Krabby Patties” for my kids. Use a yellow cake or white cake cupcake top and then a thin slice off the bottom for the bun. Place the bottom of a chocolate cupcake in between as the “burger pattie.” Add red, yellow and green frosting for the lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. If you want to be fancy, use little white sprinkles for the seeds on the top of the bun! The kids eat them up! They’re also a great conversation piece at a party. I made them for the kids that attended a family member’s 50th birthday party, and I swear the adults wanted to eat the little burger cupcakes too! They were sad that there were only enough for the kids!”

Oreo Balls From Kaleen:

“We make Oreo balls. Freeze a package of Oreos, then crush the frozen Oreos. Add a softened 8 oz cream cheese to the crushed Oreos and mix them together. Then use ice cream scoopers to form balls and place them on cookie sheets. Stick a toothpick in each one – it helps with dipping later. Refreeze them again for about 30 minutes. Then dip them in melted chocolate holding onto the toothpick. Finally, drizzle white chocolate or icing over them. They are just like “truffles.” We get requests for these for all our birthday parties. They may even be our favors for our wedding in September. Yum!”

Thanks Richel and Kaleen! If you have more ideas for creative treats, share them in the comments below. I may feature your favorite treats here on ediTORIal!

Photos: Pardon my crumbs; American Cupcake in London
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