k61u3nCB4rsKL6DdRLa1csGm.jpeg:Amazon:photo How do I love thee, vintage clothing? Let me count the ways…

First of all, shopping vintage is more affordable than buying whatever’s hot this season…and soon to be “not” next season.

Second, wearing vintage clothing and accessories makes you an instant trendsetter. The only one who has a duplicate of your latest thrift store score is likely a landfill outside of Paris, or a French housewife who knows better than to give away grandma’s Birkin bag.

Last but not least, shopping vintage allows you to make a fashion statement that goes beyond the looks featured in current fashion magazines. If only Donna Martin had been hip to that, maybe she could have avoided some early 90s trends like the infamous crop-top. Who knows, maybe she redeemed herself and wears fabulous caftans while she and David entertain…

Tips For Vintage Virgins

If you’re new to vintage, you’re in for a lifelong obsession, so I apologize in advance. It’s a good idea to start with accessories like cuffs, necklaces, rings, sunglasses, scarves, and clutches or handbags. You can also begin by going for great jeans and boots. Once you have those under your circa-1946 belt, move into blouses, dresses, blazers, faux fur vests, and other, more serious pieces.

When you’re shopping, scrutinize everything carefully. Some flaws, like broken zippers, long hems, or missing buttons, are easily fixable. Others, like cracked leather, rips in the shoulder area (hard to fix), or anything smelly (gross), mean the piece is too far gone – stay away!

Another insider tip is to shop in the fall or spring. Apparently this is when fashion plates clean out their closets, so get in there and nab the good stuff while it’s fresh (relatively)!

Here are my go-to vintage stores online:


Make “Not” Hot Again

When it comes to wearing your one-of-a-kind pieces, remember that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The goal is to put together a look that’s eclectic, not costume. I mean, we all love Jackie O., but there’s a way to channel 60s chic without looking like you’re taking your Halloween getup out for a test run. The best approach is to take the inspiration from decades past and give it your own spin! Shopping vintage is the ideal way to differentiate yourself and come into your own style, all without breaking the bank.

Finally, when you wear vintage, you don’t run the risk of being twinsies with your arch enemy. Don’t think you have any enemies? Wait until the mean girl from high school shows up to your reunion in the same department store dress as you.

All right, maybe that’s something that would only happen to Donna, but I’m just sayin’.

Have you scored any great vintage finds lately? What are the best shops in your town? Share your favorite vintage stores below, and I’ll put them on my “must visit” list!

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