Nothing’s worse than forgetting or “forgetting” (whoops!) to invite someone to a party and then finding out how hurt/angry/devastated they are.

Guest lists can be where rivalries and enemies are made. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about how to avoid offending your A- and B-list friends and anyone else in their social networks.

Start by picking the size of your party. General guidelines are:

  • Get together – under 15 guests
  • Party – 15-30 guests
  • Major bash – over 30 guests


Make the call: kids welcome or adults only. Keep in mind, kid-friendly parties need to start early and feature goodies like mac ‘n cheese cups or an ice cream sundae station. Be sure that everyone you invite knows at least one other person at the party. As host, you won’t be able to babysit singleton guests, so make sure they have one other person at the party who can be their “home base.”

Check your list twice. Or five times. Seriously, you don’t want to leave anyone out or they will harbor resentment toward you and may retaliate by “forgetting” to invite you to their next shindig. Once your list is done, stick to it! You don’t want the cost of that party skyrocketing because you can’t say no.

How do you handle guest lists for get-togethers and major occasions?

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