Mason Jar Madness!


When I asked you to share your best mason jar ideas in last week’s blog, you crafty girls delivered! From simple centerpieces to creative canning, here are some of my favorites:

From mason jar maven Sharon:

“I started canning last year and love my mason jars! I love coming up with recipes to can, and then making homemade labels with cardstock (and I have used twine too!), then giving them as gifts all year long. I have to say that my shelf with full jars looks really cool too. I use my jars for storage for things like flax seed and baking supplies, and they work well for candy jars too. It gives the kitchen a great feel…A great source for jars is yard sales! Also, the Ball website has coupons, and you can order cases online!

From bride-to-be Alysha:

“I’m using mason jars in my wedding. They are going to be for my centerpieces, with Gerbera daisies. I hand-tied ribbons around the mouth of the jar, using the same ribbon we used on our invites. We are also using smaller jars for our candles. We’re putting sand in the bottom, and putting tea lights on top of the sand. We’re also using them as penholders at our guestbook-signing table. I love them because they are so versatile and inexpensive, and we can use them after the wedding as well!

From doting daughter Amy:

“I had a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom in November. I had mason jars with white beans inside and fall flowers as the centerpieces…really pretty. Some of the guests asked to take them home, and now I have them around my house too!

From southern girl Krista:

“For my wedding, I had ribbon bows on mason jars with tea lights in them. I also filled some of the jars with candy corn and had chrysanthemums spilling out over the top. For casual entertaining, you can also place a fabric napkin and coordinating silverware inside the jar with cute name tags: you have your drinking glass, silverware, place setting and place cards all in one!

Thanks for all your great ideas! Do you have pictures of your latest mason jar crafts? Upload them to your profile and “like” them so we can all get inspired!

Photo: TooHotToHaddle
Photo: TheGardenPeepers
  • Shelly Thomson-Blevins

    I am loving all the ideas :)

  • Courtney Calkins

    My favorite thing to do with mason jars, aside from using them for storage for nuts, homemade sauces, and fruit purees is to make honey sun tea when we, here in WA, get sun, that is! I remember my mom and I getting the big jars all ready to out out on the porch when I was little. It’s a simple thing, but really brings back memories, and now my son likes to “help out” with it smiley-wink.gifThe other day put out 3 jars with honey and blueberry tea and the neighbor asked if I was making sun tea. When I responded yes, she said “Wow! I haven’t seen that in years!”

  • Christine Bouchard

    I feel as though I need to go mason jar shopping but I don’t know where to start since I don’t own a single one. Could be cause I am craft challenged but these are inspiring.

  • SpikeKitty

    @Christine…I just saw them at Vons of all places!! Near the registers by the firewood!! GFood deal to if you have a Vons club card…And if you live in CA & have a vons! LOL!

  • OliversMom

    If you take glow in the dark paint and splatter it inside the jar it looks like fireflies.

    We did this for my sons bedroom. He loves laying in bed and looking at his “bugs”

  • Jessica Marie

    @Courtney Calkins: What is your Recipe for honey sun tea? that sounds so amazing!

  • Jeanene Woodruff

    These Are Such Great Ideas!! I Am Not Creative At All! So I’m Always Looking For Ideas!! Thanks For Sharing, Everyone!! smiley-laughing.gif

  • Lisa Kreinbrink

    Did I miss the how to make the lace jars? Thanks

  • laura brabenec

    Hey Tori~

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting Married to Mason Jars! I ended up grabbing some lace doilies from a resale shop & putting them on some Mason Jars that I then used for a baby shower that I threw recently! (pics in my album Misc) It’s the 5th baby shower I’ve planned & every time people tell me that I need to start my own business of Party Planning. So I decided to use the picture of the doily jar on a business card for my new Party Planning business! So again thanks for the great info & idea!

    I love so many of the ideas you have, how creative you are & what an animal lover you are! I also enjoy reading your tweets about Liam & Stella. They are truly beautiful children! LOVE Hank too!! I’m a Vet Tech gone Pet Sitter after I had my daughter(who is now 4 by the way). We have 5 cats & a guinea pig. Our dreams of having more animals is one that will hopefully be full-filled one day!:)

    Thank you for all that you do & if you would ever like to collaborate ideas please let me know! :)

    Laura Brabenec

  • victoria silva

    Did you say Mason jars…omg… I use these sweet and useful jars for just about everything… including using them to store all my art objects… buttons and bows… and trimmed with pearls… a great MAKEUP brush holder for your dressing table.

    mason jars rock

    Victoria Silva

  • TickleM

    I absolutely love this idea. I am just starting out as a new mum and beginning a business is my hometown so that I can spend as much time as possible with my adorable daughter. I love these mason jars and think I might even add it to my homewares, etc business idea. Thanks heaps.

  • Laurie Pangonis

    My friend Candy makes all her own hairbows etc and she takes speciality orders!!! Visit her site :

  • Kari Chenoweth

    I am in love with jars! I have a 7 month old and I keep all of her baby food jars as well! It’s amazing what all you can make! Snowglobes, vases, candles, hanging lights, even nightlights! I swear the list is endless, this is my new obsession! Not to mention a way to make extra money 😉