Married to Mason Jars

1uEZPA8I0B7yzmWIRq13u5TM.jpeg:Amazon:photo Yes, it’s a love affair between me and mason jars. We do everything together: crafts, drinks, candle-lit meals. My mason jars also bring me flowers. Sometimes I give them away as gifts! They’re pretty much friends with everyone I know – the mason jar is a perfect mate, basically.

Here are some ways that I love to use mason jars:

  • For a simple, yet heartfelt gift, fill small mason jars with special jam and affix a handmade tag with baker’s twine.
  • Every party needs to have a party favor! For example, after a martini party, you can send off your guests with a mason jar filled with gourmet olives. (Don’t forget to wrap with twine and label)!
  • Make a potato bar with mashed potatoes served in little mason jars, and provide an assortment of toppings in ramekins. Yum!
  • For a backyard party on a summer evening, punch holes in the tops of mason jars, and use them to catch fireflies!


So where can you get your own collection? Well, anywhere, almost! They’re at World Market, Michael’s, or sometimes they pop up at the grocery store. You can also get them online at a number of places. Mason jars lend a nice vintage feel to any DIY project, and there’s nothing more fun than drinking mimosas out of a jar. Seriously, try it!

How do you use mason jars? Share your crafty ideas in the comments below, and I’ll feature my favorites in next week’s blog!

  • Jennifer B

    Well, I’m pretty obsessed with wedding stuff. Being in a 5-year long relationship, you get to that point (admittedly, I was obsessed with wedding stuff for as far back as I can recall). But, I plan on incorporating mason jars into the wedding I have one day…favors (candies in the jar with the guest’s name and table number on a card), signature drink, decor…I bookmarked this website that pretty much shows exactly what I’d do with them.

  • Leigh Ickowics

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all these ideas!!!! . . and especially lit the way they are in the pic!!!.. what a fabulous idea to have them lit like that wrapped with lace or doilies and with twine, and or a ribbon wrapped around… TOTALLY STEALING THAT IDEA!!!.. thanks sooo much Tori!!!! . . XOXO

  • Leigh Ickowics

    OMG.. JENNIFER!!!.. THOSE MASON JAR DRINKS ARE AMAAAAAZZZZING!!!!.. what an adorable idea.. classy and different!!!!.. looks like your weddings gona be fab!!!!!! . . XOXO

  • Sharon Jerashen

    I started canning last year and love my mason jars!! I love coming up with recipes to can, and then make home made lables with cardstock (and I have used the twine too!) and give them as gifts all year long. I have to say that my shelf with full jars looks really cool too!!! I also use my jars for storage for things like flax seed, baking supplies and they also work well for candy jars etc. It gives the kitchen a great feel!! Btw, love the picture above using them as candle holders!!! I am going to have to try that. A great source for jars are yard sales! Also, the Ball web site has coupons and you can order cases on line!

  • Alysha Swan

    I’m using mason jars in my wedding. They are going to be for my center pieces with gerber daisies and i hand tied ribbons around the mouth of the jar in the same ribbon we used on our invites. We are also using smaller ones for our candles we are putting sand in the bottom and putting tea lights on top of the sand. And as well using them as pen holders at our guest book signing table. I love them because they are so versitile, inexpensive and we can use them after the wedding as well.

  • Sandy Jacobs

    Jennifer the drink idea is really cute!

  • Michelle at Everyday Celebrating

    Best place to find mason jars? Goodwill. Tons of them always there and they are cheap! UPCYCLE!

  • SpikeKitty

    I use jars for my drinking glasses!! Only they are not exactly Mason Jars as we know them…Similar to a Mason jar is the jars that Classico brand pasta sauce comes in…yes…I eat a lot of pasta…so now I have a full serving set for 12 of the large ones (26oz) & 12 of the small ones (16oz) (The Alfredo sauce is the only one that they make in the small jars)!! Nothing better than drinking ice cold lemonade with tons of ice on a hot summer day out of a jar!

  • Julie Hayman

    Just made mason jars into terrariums yesterday at my weekly craft night: Super fun. Also, one Christmas, I layered cookie ingredients in a mason jar and included the recipe on a little tag to give to my friend. I dropped the jar in her drive way on the way to deliver it–and it smashed into a million tiny pieces–but it looked ADORABLE before that. ; )

  • Amy webb

    i had a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom in november. i had mason jars with white beans inside and fall flowers as the centerpieces. really pretty..some of the guests asked to take them home. and now i have them around my house… =)

  • irene hodge

    i use mason jars for holiday gifts every year. so far i’ve given away soup mixes and cookie mixes. we also use jars for sweet tea here in the south!

  • Marnie Bushmole

    Hmmm I use them for pencils, markers, paintbrushes, tools etc. on my desk but I feel the urge to clean some out and do way more clever things with them now. Thank You.

    We always drank out of jelly jars as a kid I think I may do this as well for my own. The plastic cups make me crazy!

  • Lisa Petker


    Tell us what you did to the jars that are pictured! I would love to try to make those ~ they are beautiful!


  • Amy Osborne Ross

    New Seasons sells them by the case!

  • Lisa Wilson

    That is such a cute idea!

  • Melissa Moss

    See!! Mason jars are what its all about!!!

    Im currently having some fun with a few different uses for them. One currently being my mason jar-candle-holder obsession and another are my recipes for Mini Mason Jar Pies! Im pretty sure pie is amazing ANY time of the year, and they are SO cute baked in the little mini mason jars!! GREAT as little one-serving deserts at dinner parties too! Next stop, Mason jar cakes!

    Ugh…. I<3Mason Jars!

  • Kristin Ostevik

    No Mason Jars available where I come from..pitty..but I guess I could use something similar..

  • Kate Sheimo

    I used Mason Jars to make ‘Fireflies’. They are really cute!!

  • Jennifer Curley

    Love MASON JARS, I used them at Chistmas for gifts, I filled each one with homemade chocolate covered pretzel rods, a cute tag and a ribbon. They came out so great, and everyone loved them!

  • Shannon Phillips

    You can get them from Wal-Mart as well…. I love your idea with the lace! I’m so using that one!!!

  • Lana Casey

    Love the jars you have posted! Yes, please explain what you did to them! Super cute!

  • jenica taylor

    I’ve used Mason jars as a vase.. but never as a candle holder! Love it! And the lace look gives it more of a feminine touch. My husband on the other hand.. uses the damn things as a coffee cup lol.

  • Sandy Arevalo

    I love to bake desserts in mason jars or all sizes (from mini to Extra Large). I especially love the look of layered cake and frosting! Add Ribbon/twine and a gift tag and they are perfect party favors!

  • Kellie Briley

    I never realized how functional and “fun” mason jars could be…and I live in the south so I should be able to pick these up anywhere! Now I know what my next project is going to be!

  • Ashleigh Brooks

    Love this!! I have always enjoyed the look and versatility of them. :)

  • Tori Spelling

    Stay tuned everyone! I’ll be posting instructions for how to make lacey mason jars next week!

  • Cheyenne Schaad

    I have a friend who is an amazing artist. She melts mason jars to make vases. I think you would love them! check out

  • susan murphy

    Fill with sand halfway up and stick in a taper candle xx

  • susan murphy

    Love notes on heart paper..add shredded tissue xx

  • susan murphy

    Layered ingredients with recipe! xx PS im obsessed too

  • Krista Smith

    For my wedding I had ribbon bows on mason jars with tea lights in them, candy corn filled them with chrysanthemums spilling out the top as well.

    My current project is to paint them using chalkboard paint to use as windowsill flower pots that I can write messages on to correspond with the holidays or my decorating themes.

    Also place a fabric napkin and coordinating silverware inside the jar with cute name tags: you have your drinking glass, silverware, place setting and place cards all in one for casual entertaining.

    Mason Jars are a southern girl’s best friend 😉

  • Cari

    I love these ideas! Can’t hardly wait for the lacy jars!

  • Audra Pace

    I like to use them for tea lights on our patio when we have BBQ parties.

  • Holly Strother

    I LOVE those lacy mason jars!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Arianna Hisle

    So lovely Tori! I love the lace on the mason jars in the picture above!

  • Rachel Cronan

    Funny that you posted this- Just yesterday I got my very first mason jar and I was trying to decide how to use it! I cleaned it up nicely (it was used) and decided to decorate my bathroom with it. So I went out and got some potpourri and now I want some fun ideas to decorate the jar!!! I love the lace and many of the other ideas posted here! Thanks Tori!

  • Kate Unger

    I have two mason jars on my desk at work filled with brightly colored Sharpies. At home I have three on small table filled with colorful buttons, Crayola markers and pipecleaners/feathers for my girls to grab when they are working on art projects.

  • Julie Cunningham

    These are beautiful!

  • Courtney Kilmer

    I am going to try and make these for my friends wedding. I am so excited.

    A touch of elegance and farmer all at the same time!

  • A. Gibbs

    Mason Jars are fantastic! For those of you wanting to use them as cups at parties and weddings you should consider getting some of the big gallon size ones that have a spigot to serve drinks! I bought my mom one of these for Mother’s day a few years ago and it gets used all summer long for her sun tea!

  • Erin Sigler

    I am making door prizes with gourmet soup mixes for me brat friend’s bridal shower. But I am really loving those lacey ones. May have to switch up.


    Love, love, love! These would be great as part of my daughters centerpieces for her wedding in August and since STORIbook Weddings can’t come, can you please post how you made the doily covered mason jars? Is it just mod podged on there? Thanks Tori!

  • bunny

    I love the lace on the mason jars. Did you buy them that way or, did youappl the lace? If you applied the lace could you please instruct me on how you did it. I think they are beautiful!

  • Nicolette Terry

    I am obsessed with mason jars and lace!!!!! Love this idea! This is another great idea for doilies that I think you will love!

  • Amy Harrison

    I have 4 mason jars sitting at the top of my stairs right now and am totally envisioning crafts with them now LOL.

    I also have a small collection of them including ones with the glass tops! LOVE them!

  • Kimberly Goosman

    I’ve never decorated with Mason jars, but I love all the ideas I’ve seen here. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sissy Wagner

    Wow love the lace covered jars

  • Vanessa Wolff

    LOVE all your ideas! The mashed potato one is just amazing! I have been stalking your crafting ideas for my wedding in july! i am making all the decorations and i took your advice and im making it all about the details!!

  • Candie Querbach

    Nicolette, that is beautiful! Have you tried it? I wonder if it is durable enough or if it would wilt if it got too warm…

  • Sarah

    We are using Mason jars for my sisters fall wedding. She is using a larger one, with fresh fall color flowers; and then using mini 1/2 pints wrapped with a raffia ribbon with cranberries and a candle (I think LED) placed around the bigger one. Should look very “fall.”smiley-wink.gif

  • Monica Roberts

    My little brother in law, he’s 10.His class did brownie sand art in mason jars. They filled them with all the dry ingredients in different layers than attached a tag and how to complete the mix when baking it. Looked great and thought it was a great idea.

  • Valerie Mohr

    I love mason jars!!! I have been saving them for years. I love them mostly cause my almost 4 year olds name is Mason 😉

  • Jeanene Woodruff

    Omg, Tori! I Love The Idea About The Mashed Potato Bar!! My Boys & Family LOVE Mashed Potatoes And This Would/Will Be A Great & Fun Way To Mix It Up!! Thanks!! smiley-wink.gif

  • Lisa Kreinbrink

    Did I miss it or has it not posted yet on how to make the Lace mason Jars?

  • Audrey Troup

    I would love to know how to make the Lace mason jars. Are there instructions somewhere?

  • Ashlee Tomsche

    I love that idea!! We have Mason Jars all over the house.

  • Nicolette Terry


    I have not tried it yet but am dying to!!! I think it would be alright as far as heat goes. I think they explained in the article that because of the openings in the doilies, it was kept pretty cool. I will let you know when I try it myself!!! :)

  • Lisa Hodge

    The mason jars are so cute & creative! I love it!

  • kim meares

    you are giving martha stewart a run for her money. too awesome! i love these jars!

  • Crystal Greenhill

    Thank you so much for sharing this now I know what I want to use as centerpieces at my wedding!

  • nora from south

    Very cute!!! Have you thought about being on Pinterest?