1uEZPA8I0B7yzmWIRq13u5TM.jpeg:Amazon:photo Yes, it’s a love affair between me and mason jars. We do everything together: crafts, drinks, candle-lit meals. My mason jars also bring me flowers. Sometimes I give them away as gifts! They’re pretty much friends with everyone I know – the mason jar is a perfect mate, basically.

Here are some ways that I love to use mason jars:

  • For a simple, yet heartfelt gift, fill small mason jars with special jam and affix a handmade tag with baker’s twine.
  • Every party needs to have a party favor! For example, after a martini party, you can send off your guests with a mason jar filled with gourmet olives. (Don’t forget to wrap with twine and label)!
  • Make a potato bar with mashed potatoes served in little mason jars, and provide an assortment of toppings in ramekins. Yum!
  • For a backyard party on a summer evening, punch holes in the tops of mason jars, and use them to catch fireflies!


So where can you get your own collection? Well, anywhere, almost! They’re at World Market, Michael’s, or sometimes they pop up at the grocery store. You can also get them online at a number of places. Mason jars lend a nice vintage feel to any DIY project, and there’s nothing more fun than drinking mimosas out of a jar. Seriously, try it!

How do you use mason jars? Share your crafty ideas in the comments below, and I’ll feature my favorites in next week’s blog!

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