How To: Lacy Mason Jars

Many of you asked how to make the doily-wrapped mason jar pictured in my recent post about mason jars, so here we go! I found this craft on the wedding website Sparkle and Hay.

Doily-Wrapped Mason Jars

What You’ll Need

  • Mason jars
  • Doilies
  • Adhesive spray
  • Hot glue
  • Tea lights
  • Ribbon, burlap, string, twine
  • Buttons, beads, or accessories of your choice
  • Long reach lighter


What To Do

Step 1: Spray jar or doily with adhesive spray


Step 2: Wrap and press doily on jar (smooth as possible)


Step 3: Use hot glue to affix tea light to the bottom of the jar


Step 4: Decorate rim with ribbon, burlap, string, or twine, and accessorize it with a cute button or accessory of your choice


Step 5: Light tea light with a long reach lighter


Use these as centerpieces or cluster them on a dessert table or end tables! Where would you display your doily-wrapped mason jars?

  • Alyssa DaCosta

    Hey I love you DIY ideas!!!!! We do a ton of them on our blog as well. My favorite was one of our first posts we did about this creepy old bird lamp I found and how I made it AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!

    Check it out here….

  • Sandra Raborn

    Lacy Mason would make a great girl’s name 😉

  • Darren Martin

    They look awesome! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Courtney Calkins

    They are super cute, great for a wedding (of course) or a garden party, tea party, etc. I would skip the part about glueing the tea-light down because it wouldn’t be as easily replaced, but otherwise they are lovely!

  • Yvette Vazquez

    I LOVE this! How “antique-y” looking and so simple!! They’d make great (and inexpensive) gifts too… ♥

  • Monika Baldwin

    These are beautiful!!!

    Might make some great xmas gifts for some special women in my family!

  • Dekota Marie

    I love this.. I thought I would share your fabulosity on my blog, giving you as well as the wedding blog mentioned… check it out :)

    love love love you by the way…

  • susan murphy

    Love the button on wire! xx

  • Fred West

    I’ll bet you could even make them solar powered: and they could last all season long.

  • Kristen Hickey

    Thanks so much for posting the how to!!! can’t wait to make some:)

  • Holly Strother

    i love this!!!! i’m going to try it tonight!

  • Kristal Reagan

    These are awesome! I’d probably use battery operated tealights….just so I wouldn’t have to worry about lighting them in the jar or the wax melting all on the bottom as they burn.

  • Lemon Meringue

    Incredible! Just today I was in our local charityshop to look for some decorationinspiration (is that even an English word?) for a Midsummerparty I am planning. Saw the jars, saw the doilies, but didn’t put one and one together. Came home, checked my email to find the ‘how-to: Lacy Mason Jars’ notification!

    I know who will be the first customer in the charityshop after this weekend (which is extra long because of Pentecost, just my luck!), this is perfect!

  • Arianna Hisle

    So Lovely! Thanks Tori!

  • Leann T

    I am so excited to make these! I will have to do some searching for the materials or I will need to order them. Either way, I cannot wait to get started! SO CUTE!

  • Sharon Jerashen

    I have to admit, I have been a little mason jar obsessed since your original artical (it doesn’t help that my fiance has been out of town for two weeks and I am trying to keep busy!!). I picked up some beautiful old lace doilys at a flea market, and was extremely excited when I stumbled on a 1/2 off mason jar sale at K-Mart!!!

    However I came up with another idea that I wanted to share. My mom passed away in March and while cleaning out some of her stuff for my dad, I came across one of her lace table cloths, so I decided I will cut it up and make the lacy mason jars for each of my siblings families as a nice memory. My mom was a big entertainer and I think she would have loved these!!!! I plan on attaching a personal note to each one.

  • Daffny Laurito

    Wow thats so sweet of you to do that. I am very sentimental myself-that idea is lovely!

  • Amy Harrison

    I have 4 Mason Jars sitting at the top of my stairs and they are so getting makeovers!!! I’ll use the battery lights too, not the same as real but they’ll do.


  • Jamie Kane

    I am a bridesmaid who is helping to throw a bridal shower. I wanted to make some centerpieces for the tables. The wedding is very traditional and the colors are black white and red. Any ideas??

  • Rebecca Henderson

    I actually made them the day after I saw the post. I couldn’t find doilies so I bought an old lace curtain at Goodwill. They’re perfect in my daughter’s room!

  • Sonnia Guerra

    OMG I love keeping glass jars of all kinds and this is an awesome idea!!!

  • laborof_love

    can’t wait to decorate my future home with some of these! Maybe find fun colored doilies to use!

  • Deidra Hall

    These are really neat. What a great idea!!! I’m going to add my own style and change the fabric on the outside to match the style of my home smiley-wink.gif

  • Fedel Sanchez

    I love LOVE this project. Sometimes me the girls and I do a tea and this would be a wonderful decorative accent to our little get togethers. Tea, Bisquits, lace gloves, fabulous hats and now Doily wrapped Mason jars. You’re a genius Lady Tori

  • Amy Marks

    I love this!! I’ve done candle holders using fabric (a square piece) and this stuff called “Aileen’s”–it’s this “stiffening” gluey-type substance that dries clear and you can mold the fabric how you want it to dry. They turn out pretty amazing:) thanks for this post!

  • Amy M

    Excited!! Going to be using mason jars for “Sock Monkey” cookie mixes to use as swag for my little man’s 1st Birthday Party! His theme? You guessed it! Sock Monkeys! Can’t wait!

  • Lauren Pagan

    my mom absolutely loves mason jars! now i have a new fun craft for the two of us to do together [:

  • Jenny OBrien

    not about mason jars , but a really cool crepe paper streamer craft!

  • Lisa Hodge

    I love this idea! Very creative!

  • Cathy Smith

    I love this idea and will be making them for Christmas gifts. Thx.

  • Nancy

    I just rented a booth in a consignment shop & might try making these & selling..or maybe give as gifts to my massage clients this Christmas!! Thanks for sharing!

  • M Parker

    These are absolutely beautiful, but I have another idea instead of using a tea light. There is a company called Glimmers Inc. in San Mateo, CA and they make the most beautiful star lites that could be used down in the mason jars. Check them out at .

  • Brandi Foxworth

    LOVE MASON JARS!!! this would be so beautiful on the tables at my wedding im so excited!!! cant wait to try this. It would look so gorgeous..I’m getting married at an old victorian house in Columbus Ga…and this is just what i want to put in the middle of the tables! PERFECT<3

  • michelle raulston

    Made the dolie covered mason jars. Thank you for sharing. I lite them and love them they turned out great. Better than having the dolies sit in my linen drawer. :)

  • Rachel

    Those are so pretty!!! <3

  • Hilary Mouat

    Hey Tori,

    I am redecorating my room these school holidays and am going to use this method!!!

  • sunshine

    Beautiful Idea.. I love them.. I put a small sting of battery operated lights on a timer in side so every night they come on right about bedtime… Makes a great night light