mtdEEFwbxG8YPSKKGsX7EPHk.jpeg:Amazon:photo Cupcakes are God’s gift to kids (and kids at heart). I mean they really are the perfect food, no matter how big your appetite may be. Want a bite-sized treat? Easy! Need a fix that’s bigger than your face? Just put Sprinkles on speed dial.

But there’s a dirty little secret about cupcakes. We’ve all been guilty – yes, me too. It’s the cupcake bottom. I’m admitting it now; I always, always waste the cupcake bottom. It’s just so boring! And my kids are the same way. They peel the top off the cupcake and eat it, because (duh) that’s the part with the frosting. Then they leave the sad little cupcake bottom alone on the picnic table, only to grow stale before meeting its fate in the trashcan.

Ok, maybe cupcakes don’t have feelings, but you know what I mean – waste is bad! So how do we get our kids (and inner kid) to eat the whole cupcake?

Enter the “Cupcake Sandwich”

Inspired by the French macaron, a cupcake sandwich is the perfect treat because it’s equal parts cake and frosting. Plus, kids like anything in sandwich form – Ritz Bits, MoonPies, It’s-Its… cupcake sandwiches are simply the latest addition to this tried-and-true genre.

So here’s how to make them:

Bake your cupcakes, using whatever batter your kids love best. Once the cupcakes have cooled, slice the tops off. These will be the sandwich “buns.” Whip up your favorite icing, and don’t forget to let your little ones dip their fingers in the bowl (and by that I mean you too, mama). Be sure to leave enough frosting to go with the cupcake bottoms!
KcBzVYzJoydB123W8Rq42NJR.jpeg:Amazon:photo It Doesn’t End At Cupcakes…

Crumble the cupcake bottoms in a bowl and mix with the leftover frosting, then put the mixture in the freezer. After thirty minutes, take the cupcake and frosting mixture out and mold it into balls. Put the balls on a lollipop stick and dip each one into melted chocolate. Voila, cake pops!

Now you have a party that kids of every age can enjoy! What creative treats have you made recently? Share your ideas in the comments below, and I’ll feature my favorites in next week’s blog!

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