Planning a special day for someone I love is pretty much my favorite pastime. It’s right up there with watching “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in bed, and reading Goodnight Moon to Liam and Stella. So, I have to admit that Father’s Day is probably as fun for me as it is for Dean!

Father’s Day is a great excuse to do those family activities you’ve been wanting to get to, but seem too ambitious for a normal weekend. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids how to express love and gratitude. They’ll have a blast helping you create the perfect day for Dad, and who knows, maybe next year, your kids will be helming the family Father’s Day committee and delegating tasks to you!

Here are some ideas for knocking Dad’s socks off for Father’s Day:

Feed him well. Have you heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? This adage definitely applies to Father’s Day! Begin by planning the meals you’ll be preparing, or treating Dad to throughout the day, and work the rest of your schedule around that. Start with breakfast in bed. What’s his favorite? Biscuits and gravy? Pancakes? Sardines on toast? Today he gets what he wants, no teasing (even if he really does like sardines on toast). Have the kids help you make whatever it is, and have them serve it to him with handmade “menus” describing his options for the rest of the day.

Let Dad choose the day’s activities. Present him with a “menu” of different options for the day, including activities and places he loves. Choices can include a trip to the movies, a family bike ride followed by a picnic, a drive up the coast to your favorite restaurant, or whatever else he may be in the mood to do. Just make sure wild boar hunting or a four-hour trip to R.E.I. isn’t on the menu.

Surprise him. For a more elaborate Father’s Day, plan the whole day and give Dad clues at each activity, hinting at what’s up next. Have your kids make “clue cards” ahead of time and arrange them according to the activities you have planned. You can let your kids take turns handing Dad his clue cards throughout the day. Do any baking or cooking that you need to do ahead of time if possible, and make any reservations or arrangements as needed.

Here’s an example of how such a day could work:

  1. Start the day by serving him his favorite breakfast in bed. Have your kids hand him a card with his breakfast that instructs him to go to the garage after he finishes.
  2. Let’s say you got him that brand new bike (not motorcycle!) he’s been talking about. While he’s eating breakfast, place Dad’s bike in the garage with a bow and the next card, telling him to get dressed for a ride – and to pack his swim trunks.
  3. Get the kids ready, and go on a family ride to the local beach or lake where you can all go swimming, then surprise him with his favorite seafood lunch.
  4. At lunch, have one of your kids give him the next card hinting at the next activity: family surf lessons, hiking, or that summer blockbuster he’s been dying to see. Hide the next card in his popcorn, on his surf board, or around a bend on the trail.
  5. Take everyone home for a fun dessert-for-dinner night featuring Dad’s favorite desserts. During “dinner,” have the kids give Dad their gifts.
  6. Slip your hubby a card hinting at your special surprise after the kids are in bed – maybe a romantic massage or champagne and a bubble bath upstairs.


Gift Creatively. Get your craft supplies out and find an afternoon when it’s just you and the kids at home. Have your kids draw pictures for Dad, then buy plain wooden frames that they can embellish with paint, seashells, buttons, or beads. Make a memory book of your most recent family vacation or pictures of activities you’ve done, and have your kids write captions for each one.

If crafting isn’t in the cards this year, you can still get one-of-a-kind gifts for Dad. For some great ideas, check out Alpha’s Picks For Pop.

Here are two of Alpha’s picks to get you started:

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I hope this gives you some creative ideas for planning a special Father’s Day! How do you all plan to celebrate?

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