AZbpYU0TpPk2mJWBfutpTfxr.jpeg:Amazon:photo I think everything in life is an art. Your choice of words, what you wear, how you smile and put others at ease, the way you pack your kids’ lunches, or how you gift wrap a present, even the stuff you put in your purse, says something about you. Putting thought into everyday actions makes you feel great, and nothing is more touching than using your creativity to show how much you love someone. Ultimately, the details of daily life add up to who we are – so, why not strive to be inspired?

Even if you feel like going to the store in sweats and lounging in front of the TV drinking orange bang all day, you can do it in a comfy, yet chic caftan, while serving orange bang in a fabulous tumbler. My point is, whether you’re dressed to the nines for a major event, or enjoying a cozy day at home, you can do it with style, and you can share it with the people around you.

The idea for this website came from my desire to share ideas and inspiration for elevating everyday life. From crafts to entertaining, I love to be creative, and everything I do, from wrapping a gift, to writing a grocery list, to planning a surprise party, has a stylish, yet personalized feel to it. It’s possible to approach all areas of life this way, and living artfully doesn’t cost a thing – except a little creativity.

What’s In A Name?

Of course, picking a name for this site was the hardest part. It kept me up at night, long after the concept and design was complete. I brainstormed constantly and ran ideas by everyone from my family and friends to all my tweeps. I even looked to my chicken Coco, who was an especially good listener.

I finally came up with the name ediTORIal one night around 3am, while browsing ShopBop’s shoe salon. You’ve heard of sleepwalking? Well, I occasionally suffer from sleepshopping. It’s one way I get inspired (or that’s what I tell myself).

Anyway, the reason I love ediTORIal is it captures what we all do to get inspired: navigate through the noise, pick out the stuff we love, and narrow it down to a carefully curated selection of objects, observations, and images.

What You’ll Find Here

In ediTORIal, I’m sharing all of the ideas, icons, and trends that inspire me, and I’m asking you to tell me what’s inspiring you! I’ll be sharing my personal tips for decorating, entertaining, and developing a unique personal style. Plus I’ll be dishing about relationships and parenting, and asking such questions as ‘Don’t all little boys wear nail polish?’, ‘Do I need to be worried that Stella says she has a boyfriend?’, ‘Should I adopt more friends for Totes McGoats?’, or ‘Should I rename my home Green Acres? Or Tori&Dean: Home Sweet Farmhouse?’ Hmm, I should file that idea away for my next network pitch.

Lastly, ediTORIal isn’t just an online lifestyle magazine, it’s a social networking site where you can sign up for profile pages, post photos and videos, chit chat in the forum, and interact with me. I can’t wait to hear all about your likes and dislikes, what’s got your wheels turning, and the lowdown on your latest, greatest obsessions.

I hope that ediTORIal will be your go-to space for ideas and a source of inspiration about living beautifully – a place where we can all get inspired, find balance, discover our ideal lifestyles, and look fierce while doing it.


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